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A player fights the Deranged archaeologist.

The Deranged archaeologist is a demi-boss located on Fossil Island. A simple mistake during the fight can result in moderate to high damage due to his special attack.

The most effective way to kill the archaeologist is to use Magic while Protecting from Missiles and avoiding his special attack which includes explosive books.

When the quote "Learn to Read!" is spoken, run 3-4 squares away from the explosives to dodge his special attack.

Use the Digsite pendant to teleport to the House on the Hill, take the Magic Mushtree to the sticky swamp. Run south and cut the thick vine with your axe. Continue south past the spined mushroom. If you get hit, use a dose of your anti poison. Cross the log to the south and enable Protect from Missiles. Run to the south and to one side so that the special attack will be more predictable. The best way to dodge the attacks consistently is to make the deranged archaeologist change the direction he is facing. This is because if he is facing south east the special attack is very likely to be thrown in the south east quadrant, so simply switch to the south west quadrant when the attack is thrown. Remain at least 1 tile away when running because his melee attack is quick and hits upwards of 30. When out of prayer/HP simply teleport to Clan Wars to use the portal and bank.

Gear Setup[edit | edit source]

The setup revolves around maximizing magic damage bonus for maximum efficiency. Full Mage void is also a viable alternative.

Lower level players or ironmen seeking low-risk Runite limbs can use Iban Blast for longer but consistent kills.

Recommended skills:


  • 5-6 Prayer potions
  • Holy Wrench
  • Axe for chopping vine
  • Anti-Poison
  • Ring of dueling
  • Digsite Pendant with fossil island teleport option unlocked
  • 3 Monkfish, rest of food will be as drops
  • High alchemy runes
  • Rune pouch with the runes
  • Imbued Heart
Recommended equipment for Deranged archaeologist
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadAncestral hat.pngAncestral hatVoid mage helm.pngVoid mage helmFarseer helm.pngFarseer helmMystic hat.pngMystic hatN/A
NeckOccult necklace.pngOccult necklaceAmulet of fury.pngAmulet of furyAmulet of glory.pngAmulet of gloryAmulet of power.pngAmulet of powerN/A
BackImbued saradomin cape.pngImbued god capeSaradomin cape.pngGod capeArdougne cloak 4.pngArdougne cloakN/AN/A
BodyAncestral robe top.pngAncestral robe topElite void top.pngElite void topMystic robe top.pngMystic robe topN/AN/A
LegsAncestral robe bottom.pngAncestral robe bottomElite void robe.pngElite void robeMystic robe bottom.pngMystic robe bottomN/AN/A
WeaponHarmonised nightmare staff.pngHarmonised nightmare staffSanguinesti staff.pngSanguinesti staffTrident of the swamp.pngTrident of the swampTrident of the seas.pngTrident of the seasIban's staff.pngIban's staff
ShieldArcane spirit shield.pngArcane spirit shieldMage's book.pngMage's bookBook of darkness.pngBook of darknessTome of fire.pngTome of fire / Unholy book.pngUnholy bookN/A
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.pngRada's blessing 4God blessing.gifGod blessing / Rada's blessing 3.pngRada's blessing 3/2N/AN/AN/A
GlovesTormented bracelet.pngTormented braceletVoid knight gloves.pngVoid knight glovesAdamant gloves.pngAdamant gloves or higherCombat bracelet.pngCombat bracelet / Mithril gloves.pngMithril glovesN/A
BootsEternal boots.pngEternal bootsInfinity boots.pngInfinity bootsWizard boots.pngWizard bootsMystic boots.pngMystic bootsN/A
RingSeers ring (i).pngSeers ring (i)Ring of suffering (i).pngRing of suffering (i)Brimstone ring.pngBrimstone ringLunar ring.pngLunar ringN/A