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Desert Treasure is a quest surrounding the Mahjarrat Azzanadra's escape from his pyramid prison in the Kharidian Desert. This quest is known for rewarding players with the powerful Ancient Magicks spellbook.

Details[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Desert Treasure is one of RuneScape's most well-known quests, and is commonly completed by player killers for its reward of the Ice Barrage spell. Due to the difficulty of the quest's bosses, players are highly advised to read through each section before facing them, in order to properly understand the fight. Each boss has unique fight mechanics that heavily favour certain combat styles, including immunity to specific spells. Pures wishing to avoid gaining Hitpoints experience should note that each boss may be defeated with the help of a cannon, but should be prepared to use 500 or more cannonballs due to the high amount of combat throughout the quest. See the "notes for pures" section under each boss for more information.

Before starting, note that at any point in the quest, if you're carrying one or more of the diamonds, you may be attacked by a level 95 Stranger who appears next to you and carries a poisoned dragon dagger. This is random and does not happen to everyone, but to be safe, carry a teleport and antipoison when moving the diamonds, and have some prayer points remaining until you finish the quest. Players can simply flee from him when he appears, and simply banking the diamonds will prevent him from appearing further, although he can appear the second you get a diamond. Ultimate ironmen can deposit each diamond into the pyramid as they acquire them so as not to risk attack.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Kharidian Desert – Desert Treasure starts in Bedabin Camp.

Enchanting the mirrors[edit | edit source]

Travel through the Shantay Pass south of Al-Kharid, and then travel west via flying carpet or running until you reach the Bedabin Camp. Fairy ring code BIQ, near the Kalphite Lair, will also bring you north-east of the camp. Once there, talk to the archaeologist near the small water pool, and he'll give you some etchings to bring to Terry Balando, the archaeological expert, at the Digsite Exam Centre.

Travel to the Digsite east of Varrock, and talk to the expert in the Exam Centre, who will take the etchings. Talk to him again to gain the translation to take back to the archaeologist.

Go back to the archaeologist in the desert. When talking to the archaeologist, choose the Don't read book option, then talk to him again and agree to help.

Go south to the Bandit Camp. Before entering the camp, remove any equipment that depicts Saradomin or Zamorak imagery, as otherwise, the bandits will be aggressive. Talk to the bartender and buy a drink for 650 coins, and find out about the four Diamonds of Azzanadra. You must complete this step before talking to Eblis, or the option to talk with him about the diamonds won't appear.

Talk to Eblis in the same camp (directly east of the bar, past the general store). Ask him about the diamonds, and he'll tell you that he needs various items to create some scrying glasses:

Item GE Price Notes and ironman concerns
Magic logs.png x 12 12,324 There are many ways to obtain magic logs:
Molten glass.png x 6 630 Can be made at 1 Crafting
Steel bar.png x 6 2,070 Requires 30 Smithing , or dropped by various monsters
Ashes.png x 1 60 Can be obtained from any fire
Blood rune.png x 1 361 4 spawn in the Wilderness
Bones.pngx 1 105 See all bone spawn locations here
Charcoal.pngx 1 141 See all charcoal spawn locations here
28 spaces 15,691 It's possible for level three ironmen to obtain all items
The mirrors, made by Eblis.

Wearing a Zamorak item when giving Eblis the items will cause Eblis to not create the scrying glasses!

If you did not bring them with you, go back to the bank and withdraw or collect all necessary items, then return to Eblis and use the items on Eblis to hand them over. It's recommended that you note the bones when doing this to avoid accidentally burying them.

After giving him the items, Eblis will disappear, reappearing a little to the south-east on top of a hill (shown as a grey circle on the minimap), surrounded by six mirrors. Looking into them will show locations related to the diamonds; players aren't required to do this, but doing so may enhance the quest experience.

Talk to Eblis again and he'll explain that due to the finicky nature of magic, the mirrors only show where the diamonds have been at one point in time. Two of the mirrors show other locations entirely; the Bedabin Camp, which you visited, and the Jaldraocht Pyramid itself, which you need to acquire the diamonds in order to enter.

Note that you may attempt these diamonds in any order.

Blood diamond[edit | edit source]

Dessous is a fairly straightforward boss, but due to his location, forgetting steps can cost a lot of time. Keep the following in mind:

  • The pot cannot be made ahead of time; you need to get instructions from Malak first.
  • Save gearing up until after you get the silver pot, as you'll need to go to Entrana to get it blessed, and combat items aren't allowed on the island.
  • If you plan on using the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport and then using the Hollows boat, make sure to bring 10 gp for the ride.

Sweetening the pot[edit | edit source]

Travel to Canifis (fairy ring code cks), and talk to Malak in the pub, telling him that you're looking for a diamond. He'll agree to give you it if you kill Dessous, and gives you a list of items that you'll need to kill him successfully. Make sure to ask Malak how to kill Dessous before you go to Ruantun, or he won't make the silver pot for you! From here, travel to Draynor (while you're here, you can pick up some garlic from the cupboard upstairs in Morgan's house), and bring your silver bar down the trapdoor just east of the bank by the jailhouse to enter Draynor Sewers. Head north and talk to Ruantun, and ask him to make you a silver pot.

Take the pot to Entrana (making sure you have no weapons/armour on you; there's a deposit box at the ship that can be used to bank before embarking), and head to the church, then use the silver pot on the High Priest to get it blessed. Go back to Canifis, and talk to Malak again, and he'll fill the pot with your blood (this will damage you for 5 Hitpoints, so be sure to be healed enough to take the damage). Finally, add the garlic powder to the pot along with some spice to prepare for the battle. Note that if you forgot to bless your pot, the High Priest will still bless it when it is full of blood – although he will be slightly shocked!

The examine for the pot should read:

A blessed silver pot filled with blood, garlic and spices.

If the examine does not say this and you attempt to kill Dessous, he will regenerate to full Hitpoints, and you will need to refill the pot.

Dealing with Dessous[edit | edit source]

Once the pot is prepared, gear up and go to the Graveyard. Once you arrive, pour the blood on the tomb and Dessous will appear.

Dessous comes out of the grave.

The fight[edit | edit source]

  • Dessous teleports to you if you use prayer, making it difficult to safespot him. Keeping protection prayers disabled should prevent him from teleporting, although he may occasionally still do so randomly.
  • If you make him teleport more than three times, he'll say he's bored and will leave, causing you to have to start the fight again with a new pot.
  • Dessous has two attacks: a melee attack that can hit up to 19, and a combination range and magic attack that always hits double 5's. Because of this, it's strongly recommended to use protect from melee, reducing his max hit to 10 at any given time.
  • Despite his teleport, it's possible to attack him through the fence using range, magic or a halberd; simply run behind the fence when he appears and attack. If using prayers, this method is pointless, as he'll teleport next to you at random times, but this can nonetheless be used to avoid melee combat by running around the other side of the fence after he teleports and repeating. Safespotting with prayers will allow you to avoid his strong melee for the majority of the time, and use Protect from Magic instead.
  • Never let your health drop below 16, as his double 5's will sometimes lag, stacking up to 15 altogether.
  • For those using melee, a stabbing weapon does well against his low stab defence, especially if boosted with a combat potion.
  • Dessous may be weak to air spells, but he is also weak to magic in general, and his weakness to air spells does not increase their max hit. For this reason, you can kill him a lot faster with Iban Blast than Wind Wave or Wind Blast, as Iban Blast has a higher max hit (25) and is very accurate.
  • Using the fence method to mage him will drastically reduce his damage-per-second if done correctly, but will also take much longer; if possible, standing next to him with protect from melee on and eating when necessary shouldn't take more than one prayer pot and a few pieces of food.

Notes for pures[edit | edit source]

  • A Dwarf multicannon can be used to kill Dessous, although it will be fairly inaccurate against him. Be sure to set up the cannon before opening the coffin, and bring at least 75 cannonballs.
  • Since you won't be using prayer, the magic/ranged combo will always hit you for a 10, so ignore the defence bonus, and focus on bringing gear that gives you the highest accuracy bonus in the attack style your equipped weapon currently is using (see Dwarf multicannon#Accuracy for how cannon accuracy is calculated). Turn OFF auto retaliate, and then use the fence safespotting method. Be wary of his teleports, as his melee attacks can kill you in one hit.
  • Tick eating can be used to survive with low HP, but the double 5s make this difficult to do, so keeping HP above 10 is a must. For low HP pures, it's recommended to use foods that boost HP above your current level such as Guthix rests (requires One Small Favour) and Saradomin brews. At 10 HP, a brew will boost your HP by 3; you can eat a slice of pineapple pizza and then drink a brew in the same tick, restoring/boosting your HP to 13 after every hit Dessous makes.
  • Be sure to click the other side of the fence immediately after using the pot on the coffin, otherwise you won't be able to trap him on it.

Note: If your chatbox says Dessous has gotten bored and left when his health has been fully depleted, it means you have defeated him, so don't worry. However, if Dessous disappears before his health has been depleted, or you die or exit the fight early, you will have to make another pot of blood with the spices and garlic and fight him again.

Once Dessous is dead, return to Malak in Canifis to claim the Blood diamond, and deposit it in the bank as quickly as possible to avoid being attacked by the Stranger.

Ice diamond[edit | edit source]

This section deals with Kamil, who is arguably the hardest boss of the quest. Due to the many factors that come into play during this fight, it's highly recommended to thoroughly read this section before continuing.

  • Protect from Melee proves extremely valuable, as the path to Kamil is filled with multiple level 100+ creatures who can hit in the 20s in multicombat.
  • Players are strongly encouraged to restock after each section, as your stats and supplies will be drained significantly.
  • If not in combat (such as right after entering the ice cave, or hiding behind the boulder after passing the wolves), it's possible to stall the cold effect by activating a prayer that you don't have unlocked yet, and leaving the dialogue box open. This can be good for those who need to reread a section before proceeding.

Feeding the trolls[edit | edit source]

Make your way to Trollheim, and then take the western path to the Troll child. If following the path from Burthorpe, you will need to pass the thrower trolls; protect from ranged will negate their damage entirely, but those without prayer can follow other players and allow them to tank the hits to avoid taking damage. If you are running past the thrower trolls, DO NOT enter the path with a boulder in the way, as this leads to the God Wars Dungeon; continue past it until you see the path that leads to the Troll child standing by an ice gate; this is the entrance to the Ice Path. It should start to snow as you approach the gate (note that the stat-reducing effects only occur once you pass through the Ice Gate, making this a safe area to wait).

Upon talking to the Troll child he'll cry, and won't speak to you; use the cake on him, and then speak to him again to learn that his parents are frozen further up the path. Interact with the Ice Gate, listen to the Troll child's reason for the gate being frozen, and then interact with the Ice Gate once more to squeeze through it.

While on the Ice Path, your stats will be drained every few seconds, your run energy will instantly be reduced to 0, and you will take 1 damage every time the cold hits. All of your Special attack energy will be drained as well, so those planning to use specials attacks on weapons such as Excalibur to raise stats should do so before entering. Restore potions will recover drained stats, and Super restore potions will do the same, as well as restore Prayer points. For those who don't mind taking multiple trips, a free but slightly longer way of restoring stats is to use a ring of dueling to teleport to Ferox Enclave and drink from one of the pools of refreshment.

Once past the Ice Gate, you have to kill five trolls (the trolls have different combat levels, but any of these will count towards the five). Note that the trolls can hit up to 21, so those with low Hitpoints or without Protect from Melee should avoid getting in melee distance. Cannons work here, but are inaccurate against the trolls, so be sure to bring enough cannonballs (it can take up to several hundred, especially since they retreat when safespotted). The five trolls do not have to be killed in the same session (you are free to kill one or more, leave to restock, and return to kill more as-needed). Once you have killed five trolls at the gate, the cave at the back should open, allowing you to enter and proceed to Kamil.

If you forget how many trolls you've killed, you can check your progress by examining the cave. It is recommended you go back to the bank and restock your supplies before returning.

Another player can block Kamil, acting as a Safespot for the attacker.

Killing Kamil[edit | edit source]

With the cave now open, you must now follow the Ice Path until you reach Kamil. This path contains multiple wolves capable of hitting 16s in multicombat, so protect from melee is a must; however, as with the thrower trolls, following a friend through this area allows players to avoid taking damage by having their friends tank the hits. From the cave, continue along the path until you reach the wolves. Continue walking and the path will open up and turn to the left; continue along the path until you find a rock, marking the area where you will find Kamil. You'll get a message saying "You can feel an evil presence nearby..." when you enter the area.

The fight[edit | edit source]

  • Kamil uses two attacks, a strong melee attack capable of hitting up to 23, and a magic attack similar to Dessous' combination attack which always hits 5. Due to lag it's possible for these to stack to 10, so it's recommended to keep hp at 12 or above at all times. Unless blocked by the rock, he also consistently freezes you with this attack by using a spell resembling Ice Barrage, especially if outside of melee range. When frozen, you're unable to move or attack for several seconds. Because of this, it is recommended that mages cast directly from the spellbook instead of Autocasting.
  • Melee combat is not recommended, although it's still possible to use. Protect from Melee is a must for this method unless you have very high defence, as otherwise you'll be eating faster than you can damage him.
  • Mages are required to use Fire spells, as no other spells will work; Trident of the seas constantly splashes, and Iban Blast and Flames of Zamorak will only hit 0s. Due to the constant stat drain, while it's possible to continuously restore your stats with potions, it's much easier to use a fire spell significantly below your level; Fire Bolt is recommended as it's still very accurate, and can be continuously cast without needing to restore for quite a while. Utilising the chaos gauntlets will increase the spell's maximum hit.
  • Ranged is not recommended, but those wishing to use Ranged will find the toxic blowpipe accurate against him.

Notes for pures[edit | edit source]

  • A cannon can also be used against Kamil. Those wishing to cannon completely should ensure that it's set up two squares north of the rock, allowing them to safely hide from Kamil, but restock it when it runs out of cannonballs. Since the cannon's position will cause it to attack the wolves as well, be sure to bring enough (100+) cannonballs to kill him.
  • Low hitpoints pures may find reaching the cave difficult, as there are dozens of trolls in the area, and it's single combat; one way around this is to enter a PvP world and remove your weapon and attack a friend, keeping them in combat with you and as such avoiding being attacked by the trolls. If using this method, do NOT eat until you've made it to the cave, as the delay from combat while eating will cause the trolls to attack you.
    Thawing the ice troll child's parents.

The parent trap[edit | edit source]

Once Kamil is defeated, you need to follow a very hard-to-see path to the troll parents. Travel west, then north a little, then east following the path as it loops around until you reach the edge of an ice ledge surrounded by ice formations. If you check the world map (or the map above), you can see the path you need to take.

Put on your spiked boots and right click the front of the ledge, then select "use ledge" to climb up, and a long ice path will appear, which you must follow to reach the parents. You might fall and take damage as you walk; using super restore potions to restore your Agility level will help here. Follow the ice path all the way to the top, then pass through the ice gate. A path will appear after the ice gate as you walk. Continue until you see the troll's parents encased in ice; attack the cases (they have 10 Hitpoints each and are easier to melt with Magic) to free them. It's highly advised to bring an extra super restore or two to manage the ice path and to break the parents free from the ice; otherwise, it's very hard to hit.

Note that if you are completely out of food when you reach the final ice path, you can use Redemption (requires 49 Prayer) to stay alive. Since you only take 1 or 2 damage at a time, this prayer will keep you alive without risk of dying, should you run out of food. However, this prayer will drain all your remaining prayer points when its effects are triggered, so it is advised to only use do this if you have several doses of super restores or prayer potions.

After freeing the troll parents, they will take you back outside the gate and give you the Ice diamond.

Smoke diamond[edit | edit source]

Fareed is considered the easiest boss of the quest, due to the fact that he uses melee almost exclusively. Keep the following in mind during this section:

  • Those coming directly from the ice diamond section must restore their Firemaking, as the torches require level 50+ to light.
  • While in the dungeon, it's necessary to use a facemask or equivalent headgear, otherwise the player will be hit for 20 damage every 12 seconds. While this won't kill you (it will never damage you below 1 hitpoint), it's highly advised to use protection in the dungeon to avoid this effect, as you're able to be one-hit at any time without it.

With gate responsibility[edit | edit source]

A map of the dungeon.

Take all of the items listed above and travel to the Smoke Dungeon. The dungeon entrance is marked on the world map; hug the cliffs on the west side of Pollnivneach, and head south to find it. Climb down the well. If it stops you with a warning about the air inside, just try to climb down again. In each of the four corners of the dungeon, there are torches that you need to light using your tinderbox. The torches will burn out if you take too long; if you walk, the first lamp will burn out by the time you reach the chest, and as such it's recommended that you use energy potions to maintain run energy, starting with the north-eastern torch as it's the furthest from the chest. You can light all the torches in less than two minutes with 1 or 2 doses of a stamina potion. When all four are lit, go to the centre of the dungeon and open the burnt chest to obtain the Warm key. If you die with this key, you do not need to relight the torches, simply return to the chest to reclaim the key.

Facing Fareed[edit | edit source]

Once you have the key, there's no need to run any more. Make your way to the east part of the dungeon, and use the key on the gate to face Fareed.

The torch the player needs to light.

The fight[edit | edit source]

  • Despite his simplicity, Fareed should not be underestimated. His main attack is a melee hit that can do up to 40 damage, or 36 with ice gloves. Protect from Melee essentially renders him harmless. Those with low Hitpoints who do not have 43 Prayer should ensure they are not in melee range.
  • While rare for him to do so, he may occasionally use a magic attack; as such, magic defence is advised.
  • Fareed will remove the weapon of those not wearing ice gloves to their inventory, making melee impossible for those without them. Even with the gloves, however, melee is not advised due to his high defence to it. Mages can bypass the weapon removal by simply casting from their spellbook.
  • Fareed can also easily be trapped behind another player, allowing him to be safespotted; binding spells are also very effective at maintaining distance, although caution should be taken to not run too far away from him, as he will leave the fight if you walk too far out of range.
  • Magic is recommended, as Fareed is very weak to water spells, and mages should note that any other spell type will not work against him, including God spells and the trident of the seas and swamp. Rangers will find ice arrows from the Temple of Ikov quest very effective, although as before, usage of a bow requires Ice gloves. Cannons also work in the dungeon.
A player fights Fareed.

Notes for pures[edit | edit source]

  • Pures without access to protection prayers can bring runes for the Snare spell, luring Fareed around the large room and casting water spells while he's bound. Players can cast two or three offensive spells while Fareed is still ensnared, but should cast snare again immediately after Fareed moves again so as to not get hit. Note that Fareed is immune to snares for a few seconds after he breaks free, so keeping a few squares distance while waiting to recast is important. The snares seem to bind Fareed even if the spell splashes, but this might be a bug.

Once Fareed is dead, the Smoke diamond will appear in your inventory. If the diamond is lost, it will reappear in the chamber on the ground; the player will not have to fight Fareed again.

Shadow diamond[edit | edit source]

  • Items required: Shantay pass (along with anything else you may need for the desert), lockpicks (you will need a lot of them, likely 20 or more; some players have required well over 70. It's recommended to bring noted lockpicks and coins (costs 5 gp per exchanged note) to exchange bank notes for items at the general store nearby by talking to Tiles).
  • Recommended: Teleportation method to Rasolo (skills necklace to teleport to the Fishing Guild is the quickest; Barbarian Assault minigame teleport is another option), teleport method to Al-Kharid (amulet of glory; ring of dueling), multiple antipoison, food (may be preferable to note some extra supplies along with noted lockpicks).

Damis is similar to Fareed in that he uses melee and can be easily safespotted. While the fight is fairly straightforward, his section is one of the longest, so keep the following in mind to avoid multiple trips, and ensure a successful fight:

  • Rasolo needs to be spoken to before you can attempt to pick-lock the chest.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Damis is not particularly weak to earth spells.
The chest the player needs to open.

Giving a ring[edit | edit source]

Travel west of the Fishing Guild to where there are several moss giants. Just to the north-west of there lies a fenced area and an NPC called Rasolo walking around inside. Talk to him, and he'll offer to give you a ring of visibility in return for a gilded cross.

Take some food, antipoison, and lockpicks to the Bandit Camp. In the most southern tent in Bandit Camp is a secure chest, requiring 53 Thieving. Use your lockpicks on it until you manage to open it and get a gilded cross. This is usually easier said than done; there are three locks which you must get through, all of which reset themselves if any attempt should fail, and each failure using up a lockpick and dealing damage. There is also a chance you may be poisoned, so be sure to bring an antipoison potion and a few pieces of food. Once you successfully open the chest, you will receive the gilded cross and 150 Thieving experience.

Defeating Damis[edit | edit source]

Items required: Gilded cross

Recommended: Combat equipment, prayer potions, runes to cast spells such as Entangle, stamina potions, and an emergency teleport.

  1. Entrance east of Baxtorian Falls with ring of visibility
  2. Damis

G – Giant skeletons (level 80)
S – Shadow hounds (level 63)

Return to Rasolo and exchange the gilded cross for the ring of visibility. Equip the ring, and a ladder will appear to the east of Rasolo in the fenced area. Climb down the ladder, then head east as far as you can, then north as far as you can. Head east again, and go south as far as possible at the first option. Go east again. After this, take the next turn north, then go east, and you will reach Damis' cave. Beware that the entire dungeon is a multi-combat area, filled with giant skeletons and shadow hounds. They all use melee, so activating Protect from Melee will negate all damage.

To make Damis appear, run around a bit in the final area,. You must have the ring of visibility equipped or he will not appear. Keep the ring equipped for the entire fight. Note: It is possible for Damis to not appear right away. Un-equipping and re-equipping the ring of visibility may help, as well as walking around the arena close to the walls. If he still doesn't appear, hopping worlds will help.

The fight[edit | edit source]

  • Damis has two forms, the first being a level 103 which only attacks with Melee, and is fairly easy to beat, and the second being a level 174 which rapidly drains Prayer (at a rate of 4-5 points per second). The second form is significantly harder.
  • The most common way of defeating Damis is with magic. It's also possible to use Melee or Ranged, but he is weak to Magic and has an incredibly high Melee defence.
  • Damis is not particularly weak to earth spells, as confirmed by Mod Ash;[1] any spell will suffice. You can use a trident of the seas for both forms.
  • Unless safespotting, you will rely heavily on Protect from Melee, as without it activated, you'll be tanking 2-4 giant skeletons and shadow hounds while trying to kill Damis, all of whom attack accurately with Melee.
  • With Protect from Melee, Damis is not much more difficult than any other monster, although you'll need to ensure you have enough prayer potions to account for his prayer drain. Make sure to watch your prayer points so that you don't run out.
  • Those relying on prayer should always be aware that Damis only appears to drain Prayer when he is within a few tiles of you.
  • If you leave after defeating his first form, you do not have to fight it again! When you return, you will only have to defeat his second form.
  • Bringing a stamina potion and kiting him around the arena will help reduce the burden of using prayer potions. Casting Snare/Entangle on Damis and re-casting once he moves can help keep him from ever coming within Melee distance.
    A player uses a giant rat to Safespot Damis.

Notes for pures[edit | edit source]

  • If you plan to use the Safespot, lure his first form there, as otherwise, his second form will just disappear into the shadows.
  • The safespot is easy to set up: as soon as Damis spawns, head to the safespot, using the torches to your advantage.
  • Due to the dungeon being multicombat, you can use other creatures such as the giant rat and the bat found in the south-west corner of the arena from which you entered as blockers. To do so, simply position yourself behind the animal and attack it with a weak attack or spell, then attack Damis with Magic. Consider bringing a fun weapon such as flowers to draw the creatures' attention without killing it.
  • You can also poison Damis, and then use the safespotting method to let the poison lower his health; he rarely despawns.
  • Cannons can be set up in this area. For those without access to prayer, the south-eastern-most area of the dungeon is just wide enough to fit a cannon, but narrow enough to trap Damis while setting it up.
A player fights Damis.

Note: Players who wish to complete the Kandarin Diary are advised to kill a Shadow Hound while in the dungeon, as it is a hard task.

Once you have defeated Damis in his second form, he will drop the shadow diamond on the ground. He will not die and his health will regenerate back up to full, but it is not necessary to fight him again. Pick up the shadow diamond, then run back out the way you came in or teleport out.

Jaldraocht pyramid[edit | edit source]

The pillar absorbs the gem.

Return to Eblis at the six mirrors in the desert with all four diamonds in your inventory. speak with him, then go to the Pyramid south-east of Eblis (marked "Pyramid" on the world map), and place one diamond in each of the four obelisks at the outside corners of the pyramid. Each obelisk takes a specific diamond; you should be able to determine the diamond from the appearance of the obelisk, but trial-and-error placement also works. It is not possible to put a diamond into the wrong obelisk, and it is also not possible to take a diamond back out of the obelisk once it's been placed.

When all four obelisks are activated, the pyramid will open and can be entered from the top.

Tomb raider[edit | edit source]

Desert heat is not a factor inside the pyramid, but almost all of the interior is dangerous, with level 124 scarab swarms occasionally boiling out of the floor, and level 110 mummies roaming about and spontaneously popping out of sarcophagi. All monsters use only Melee, though the scarab swarms can also poison. The scarab swarms, spontaneous mummies, and traps cannot be detected in advance. The room containing the altar on Level 4, however, is safe.

Every time a scarab swarm appears or a mummy pops out of a sarcophagus, you will stop moving, and will not be able to move until the animation has finished. It is possible to avoid a scarab swarm entirely by making sure it is behind a mummy. There are also randomly activated traps that will send you back to the entrance of the pyramid. By bringing weight-reducing clothing and plenty of super energy potions or stamina potions, you can greatly reduce the chance of running into one of these traps. If you get caught by a trap, you will be taken outside to the south side of the pyramid but with no damage done. Do not click directly to the ladder; keep clicking to your goal as this will reduce the chances of getting caught by traps. It is useful to use a strange fruit while inside the pyramid due to the fact that it recovers 30% run energy and cures any kind of poison you may have gotten while inside the pyramid.

The levels in the pyramid are numbered in the order the player encounters them in the quest. The purple line marks the route.

Outside[edit | edit source]

Enter the pyramid from its top. (The southern entrance, which leads to the altar, can only be used after the quest has been completed.)

Diagram of the pyramid's exterior

Level 1[edit | edit source]

Run from the entrance ladder to the Level 2 ladder. This level is the smallest in the area, with the fewest mummies.

Level 1 of Jaldraocht

Level 2[edit | edit source]

This level is the second smallest in area, with a few more mummies roaming about. This room might have a few traps.

Level 2 of Jaldraocht

Level 3[edit | edit source]

This level is fairly large in area, with a significant number of mummies. There is a vast amount of traps.

Level 3 of Jaldraocht

Level 4[edit | edit source]

This level is quite large in area, with mummies roaming about everywhere except the altar room. The altar room is separated by a door—do not rely on the minimap to run outside.

Level 4 of Jaldraocht
Easy tip to remember which way to start running after each level: north, east, south, west.

Azzanadra[edit | edit source]

Azzanadra chathead.png

It is possible for a scarab swarm to spawn inside the altar room, but this only happens if it was spawning as you were entering the room. If this is the case, trap it between the door and an obstacle that is just in front of the door. Speak to Azzanadra (if he isn't present, use the altar and he should appear), who has lost track of time and believes that the God Wars are still going on. He goes on to talk about ancient unknown civilizations like Paddewwa, Lassar and Annakarl. He is also surprised to see that he cannot hear Zaros in his mind anymore.

After talking, Azzanadra, finally coming to peace with the reality, rewards the adventurer with the Ancient Magicks of Zaros, for their efforts.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

At quest completion, you will be switched to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. Make sure you change back to the standard spellbook before you leave, if prefer to be on it, by praying at the altar. You can return here at any time via the back entrance of the pyramid to swap between the two.

Note: Praying at the altar twice after completing the quest will complete a hard task in the Desert area.

Note: After exiting the pyramid, and at any point after the quest, you can speak with Eblis to obtain both an ancient staff (for 80,000 gp) and an endless supply of ancient signets (for free).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Required for Completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Desert Treasure is required for the following:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If a player talks to the Archaeologist after the quest, he will tell a story very similar to 'Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark'.
  • When taking the etchings to the archaeological expert he names the archaeologist 'Asgarnia Smith', another nod to the Indiana Jones films, using the name format [Area name][Common Surname]
  • When talking to the ice trolls after reuniting them with their child, they use "he" to refer to you even if your character is female.
  • According to Mod Ash and former Jagex developer Mod James, many of the assets involved in Desert Treasure, such as Azzanadra's unusual Anubis-like model were salvaged from a cancelled quest a terminated Jagex intern was working on.[2][3]
  • The name Eblis is derived from the Arabic word Iblīs "إبليس", which is the name of the major Satan (Devil, Shaitan or Setan) شيطان in Islam.
  • You can be followed by another player's stranger even if you have not begun the quest, the reasons for grabbing its attention are unknown.

References[edit | edit source]

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