Desert clothing

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A player wearing a full set of desert clothing.

Desert clothing is a set of members-only clothing that is suitable for desert environments, like the Kharidian Desert south of Shantay Pass.

Each piece individually delays the desert heat effect:

Note that players do not have to wear the entire set for the additional delay effect to happen. This set has no other bonuses.

A full set of desert clothing is needed for the The Tourist Trap quest. They are given to a slave miner in exchange for a set of slave robes to allow the player access to a deeper area of the mining camp.

During the Shadow of the Storm quest, the desert shirt and robe can be dyed using black dye. Note that the black desert shirt and black desert robe will no longer offer protection from the desert heat.

Entering the desert with a set of desert clothing equipped is a requirement for the Easy Desert Diary.