Dharok's platebody (Last Man Standing)

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Dharok's platebody (Last Man Standing) detail.png

Dharok's platebody is melee armour worn in the body slot in Last Man Standing. It can be obtained (along with the rest of the set) from opening the chests with a bloody key or bloodier key, or looting the crates that spawn at random locations on the map. It can be looted from other players as it always drops on death. It is only available inside the minigame and does not degrade. To see the normal item, see Dharok's platebody.

As it is part of Dharok's barrows set, if Dharok's platebody is worn along with all of the other pieces of equipment in Dharok's barrows set, the player gains a special effect. Attacks do more damage as the player's hitpoints decrease, up to 98.9% bonus damage with 1 hitpoint remaining with 99 max.

In the minigame, the set is highly valued as it can deliver devastating damage to unsuspecting opponents not using Protect from Melee. However, it requires players to stay at low health, making it risky to use effectively. It also makes players vulnerable to magical attacks, since the full set is required for the effect and it provides negative magical defense. If a player does not wish to use the effect, the platelegs and platebody are still useful pieces of equipment.

For more details on the mechanics and strategies for this equipment, see the set page.

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