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Dimintheis Fitzharmon is a non-player character and a "noble" of Varrock. He is featured heavily in the quest Family Crest. He is the father of Avan, Caleb and Johnathon Fitzharmon. His house is located south of Varrock's east gate, north of the Fancy dress shop in the fenced off area.

Family Crest[edit | edit source]

You must talk to him to start the Family Crest quest. He lives in the fenced-off area in the south-east corner of Varrock. He had given each of his 3 sons pieces of his family crest. He must get it back to regain his place in Varrock.

When you complete the quest, he gives you steel gauntlets that can be enchanted into chaos gauntlets, goldsmith gauntlets, or cooking gauntlets. He returns them to you for free if you ever lose them. Note that only his sons are able to change the type of your gauntlets.

Family Pest[edit | edit source]

During the events of the Family Pest miniquest, it is revealed that the Fitzharmon family is not wealthy at all, but merely pretending to be in order to enjoy a higher status. Dimintheis confesses that this is the reason that he asked you to retrieve the crest from his sons, so that he could maintain the illusion of wealth, and begs you for 500,000 gp in order to maintain his lifestyle. Comically, he admits that his house is full of steel gauntlets, which are, in fact, worthless, and not a family heirloom at all. He also questions why the player did not infer that he was not truly wealthy earlier, as he points out the squalor of his living situation, which becomes rather obvious in hindsight, consider the tiny, dilapidated home he lives in. After giving him the coins he asks for, he will inform his sons of your kindness, and they will no longer charge you for enchanted steel gauntlets, and will also allow you to own all three pairs at once.

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