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A diseased player
Disease hitpoints minimap.png

Disease is a status effect which can be caused by any monster found in the crypts of Jiggig: zogres, skogres and Slash Bash as well as fever spiders. It can also be caused by failing to pick the lock on an Ogre Coffin at Jiggig or by failing to cut a scrapey tree in Trouble Brewing.

When a player has disease, shown by an orange hitsplat (Disease hitsplat.png), one of the player's skills, excluding Hitpoints, and Prayer, is reduced by the number on the hitsplat every eighteen seconds. Stats are restored one level every minute meaning it can take a long time to naturally recover from reduced stats. If the targeted skill is already level 1, then it will instead reduce the player's Hitpoints.[1]

Wearing an inoculation bracelet provides protection against the effects of disease by preventing the reduction of skill levels, but it does not cure or immunise against disease.

Curing disease[edit | edit source]

Disease will go away on its own after fifteen minutes. Skills gradually recover on their own, but for an instantaneous recovery, potions from Herblore can be used. Restore potions recover Combat skills except Prayer, while Super restore recovers all skills except Hitpoints.

The effects of disease can be countered with Relicym's balm. Drinking one or two doses reduces the effect, while four cures most disease altogether. Instead of clicking the potion, a player may click the now-yellow hitpoints indicator to automatically drink their balm.

A Sanfew serum cures disease and provides the player with a fifteen-minute immunity to disease (it also restores prayer points, cures poison, and gives a five-minute immunity to poison).

The Cure Other, Cure Me, and Cure Group spells in the Lunar spellbook will NOT cure disease.

Disease can be cured by using a Pool of Refreshment in Ferox Enclave or an Ornate rejuvenation pool in a Player-owned house.

Disease is also cured upon death and respawn, including through safe minigames such as the Emir's Arena. This may be easier (and cheaper) than using potions.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 8 November 2021. (Archived from the original on 8 November 2021.) Mod Ash: "[Disease] picks a stat at random from a list that excludes HP and Prayer, with equal weighting for all skills on the list. If that stat is 2 or above, it'll drain the stat. If the stat is already on 1, it'll hit HP."