Distraction and Diversion

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Distractions and Diversions, also known as DNDs or D&Ds, are a subclassification of minigames that occur globally and times may vary depending on the activity.

Icon Name Classification Description Rewards
Champion's Challenge logo.jpg Champions' Challenge Dangerous Fight creatures of 10 races to have a chance at being challenged by their champions. Defeating the human champion proclaims players as champion of champions. Champion's lamps and champion's cape.

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Star fragment detail.png Shooting Stars Dangerous (certain star locations can be found in PVP locations) Players find meteors that have crashed landed on Gielinor to mine stardust to trade in for rewards. See the rewards section for more information.
Treasure Trails logo.jpg Treasure Trails Dangerous (certain clues can spawn aggressive NPCs) Players follow cryptic clues on wild chases to obtain valuable rewards. Rewards include runes, god pages, trimmed armour, third-age equipment, and much more!
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