Dodgy Squire

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Dodgy Squire
Dodgy Squire.png
Released14 April 2016 (Update)
LocationVoid Knights' Outpost
ExamineI'm sure the briefcase's contents is strictly for personal use.
Advanced data
NPC ID2060
Dodgy Squire chathead.png

The Dodgy Squire can be found at the Void Knights' Outpost and will refund 80% of the original value of Commendation points in exchange for Void Knight equipment pieces, excluding the Void seal. He is located just north of the bank. He will not accept (broken) items. He will accept locked items, but the trouver parchment is not refunded, so it is recommended to unlock the item before refunding it.

Void Knight Equipment Exchange
Void Knight equipment Commendation Points
Void knight mace.png Void knight mace 200
Void knight top.png Void knight top 200
Void knight robe.png Void knight robe 200
Void knight gloves.png Void knight gloves 120
Void mage helm.png Void mage helm 160
Void ranger helm.png Void ranger helm 160
Void melee helm.png Void melee helm 160
Elite void top.png Elite void top 360
Elite void robe.png Elite void robe 360