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Dog may refer to:

  • The canine race in general.
  • Attackable NPCs:
    • Guard dog - Slayer tasks, found in Handelmort Mansion, Handelmort Garden, McGrubor's Wood, Hosidius town centre, and the Black Arm Gang hideout in Brimhaven.
    • Hellhound - Mid to high-level Slayer tasks, found in Taverley Dungeon, Witchaven Dungeon, God Wars Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave, Catacombs of Kourend, and the Wilderness.
    • Cerberus, the Slayer boss version of hellhounds, found in Taverley Dungeon.
    • Jackal - Found in the Kharidian Desert.
    • Terror dog - Mid to high-level Slayer tasks, found in Tarn's Lair.
    • Wild dog - Found in Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Non-attackable NPCs:
  • Pets:
    • Bloodhound - A pet obtained through completing master clue scrolls.
    • Hellpuppy - A pet obtained from slaying Cerberus.

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