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Released17 July 2007 (Update)
OptionsTalk-to, Toggle warnings
ExamineCheerful, helpful and optimistic, I'll bet.
Advanced data
NPC ID6773
Doomsayer chathead.png

The Doomsayer is found wandering around Lumbridge near the Lumbridge Guide prophesying doom to all who speak to him. He has a natural skill at sensing danger and he feels it is his duty to warn others of the potential hazards that await unsuspecting travellers. He does this by putting up warning signs in dangerous places, accompanied with a warning message. Whilst he calls himself the Doomsayer, he feels that his proper title is Danger Tutor.

Danger signs[edit | edit source]

The areas/events where the Doomsayer has placed warning signs are as follows:

Dagannoth Kings' Ladder Entering the Kings' lair.
Lumbridge Swamp Caves Rope Entering the cave without a lightsource.
Stronghold of Security Ladders Entering the cave.
Falador Mole Lair Entering the cave.
Dropped Items in Random Events Attempting to drop any item, then leave the Random Event after completing the event's tasks.
Player-Owned Houses Drop an item and turn on building mode.
Contact Dungeon Ladder Entering the Sophanem-Dungeon.
Icy Path Area Entering the Ice path and waiting a second or two.
H.A.M. tunnel from mill Entering the Lost Tribe tunnel tunnel without a lightsource.
Fairy Ring to Dorgesh-Kaan Using the fairy ring AJQ without a lightsource.
Death Plateau Entering the area.
Lumbridge Cellar Entering the dungeon from the Lumbridge cellar.
Mort Myre Swamp Entering the area.
Observatory Stairs Entering the cave.
Elid Genie Cave Entering the cave without a lightsource.
Shantay Pass Entering the area.
Watchtower Shaman Cave Entering the Ogre Enclave.
Ranging Guild Tower Climbing the ladder.
Trollheim Wilderness Entrance Climbing down the agility shortcut.
Wilderness Ditch Crossing the ditch.
Dorgesh-Kaan City Exit Exiting Dorgesh-Kaan without a lightsource.
Dorgesh-Kaan tunnel to Kalphites Entering the Dorgesh-Kaan dungeon without a lightsource.
God Wars Wilderness Agility Route Climbing down the agility shortcut.

These warning signs may be toggled on/off the seventh time they are seen by the player. A good way to be able to toggle them faster is to click the entrance to where one was going, and click "No" until the toggle appears. After that, the player may switch them on or off as they like.

Certain warnings cannot be reenabled, such as the Wilderness Lever.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
13 April 2022

The NPC's "Talk to" option has been changed to "Talk-to".

25 February 2016

The "Remove PvP Protection" option was added, allowing players in Deadman Mode to cancel the automatic 6 hour protection from combat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During Old School RuneScape's first birthday party, he was in Prifddinas, and what he said was in mockery of those proclaiming the imminent death of the game.