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Dorgesh-Kaan market trading is an activity that can be played at the market of Dorgesh-Kaan. It revolves around selling "exotic" surface foods to Dorgeshuun gourmets for a certain price, with some foods being more or less desired than others. If executed well, a significant amount of money may be earned this way. Completion of Death to the Dorgeshuun is required to access the market.

Starting out[edit | edit source]

Before being able to sell foods, you will need to get permission first. This is done by speaking to Lurgon, owner of Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies - he can be found wandering around the middle of the market. He will explain the basics of trading and inform you that you will need permission from the Dorgeshuun Council first, with a certain (random) councillor in charge of the marketplace. Find this councillor and ask for permission, which you are granted instantly. Return to Lurgon - you will now be able to sell food to the goblins. This permission is only valid on the game world it was earned on. Attempting to start the minigame on another world will require permission to be earned on that world, removing your permission from the previous world.

Councillor Location
Ur-lun chathead.png Ur-lun In the south-east of the city, along with Ur-pel.
Ur-meg chathead.png Ur-meg In her house west of the market, south of Barlak's shop.
Ur-pel chathead.png Ur-pel In the south-east of the city, along with Ur-lun.
Ur-taal chathead.png Ur-taal In the north-west of the city, by the large pond and outside Oldak's laboratory, along with Ur-zek.
Ur-tag chathead.png Ur-tag East of the council's meeting room in the north-east of the city, on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US].
Ur-vass chathead.png Ur-vass Slightly north-east of the market, east of the fountains.
Ur-zek chathead.png Ur-zek In the north-west of the city, by the large pond and outside Oldak's laboratory, along with Ur-taal.

Overview[edit | edit source]

As a result of the established connection to the surface, many goblins have developed a craving for exotic human food. There are four differently dressed gourmets wandering around the market, to whom you are able sell your food. Simply use a piece of food on them and name your price. If your price is too high, however, the gourmet will not buy anything since the food will be too expensive for them; likewise, if the price is too low, the goblin will think the food is of poor quality and not buy it either. If the gourmet agrees with the price, they will offer to buy a certain amount of food (usually up to five pieces depending on whether the price was on the low or high end) and you may agree to sell or decline. If you don't have the amount of food the gourmet desires, you may still sell what you have. Moreover, it is not required to stick with the gourmet's wish - you may sell less if you want to. After completing a transaction with one of the gourmets, you must trade with a different one next - the gourmets will not want to buy from you twice in a row.

Offering a suitable price is tricky. You may use the food on Lurgon to get a rough estimate of the price that the food goes for, along with some advice (see the last section for these prices). This price is usually higher than its high level alchemy value, but it depends on popularity as well. You may deviate from the suggested price, but not too much. As a rule of thumb, the foods will generally sell best for slightly above Lurgon's price if the gourmet liked its look or smell.

After a successful trade, a grateful gourmet may also give you some Dorgeshuun food for free. This will be one out of mushrooms, fillets, roast frog, eel sushi or grubs à la mode.

Gourmet's reaction[edit | edit source]

When determining your price, the gourmet's reaction to the food must be taken into account as well. If they react positively, they will be willing to pay more. However, if they don't like the look of the food, they will not pay as much and it may be a good idea to try selling to a different gourmet, preferably the one with the most positive response. Additionally, it's important to sell a variety of food types; the novelty of all foods quickly wears off, causing the gourmets to pay less if offered the same type of food repeatedly. However, this discount due to repeated selling is only about 0.7% of the price, and can nearly be ignored.

Gourmet's response Reaction Multiplier
Yuck, that looks horrid. What is it? Very negative 1
Eww, what's that? Negative 1.5
So what's that then? Neutral 2
That smells nice; what is it? Positive 2.5
Mmm, that smells good... What is it? Very positive 3

Making an offer[edit | edit source]

To determine the price that a Gourmet is willing to pay, find the price of the item ( by talking to Lurgon or consulting the table below). Then, multiply this price by the multiplier.

For example, when offering a Manta ray to a Gourmet that had a "positive" response, that Gourmet will "value" it at 2.5 times the Dorgeshuun value (100 x 2.5 = 250).

If you were to offer to sell the manta ray for ≤ 45% (250 x 0.45 - 1), the Gourmet would offer to buy two of them.

Gourmet's response Price range (% of value)
Hmm...if you're selling them that cheaply there must be something wrong with them. I think I'll pass. ≤ 10% (won't buy)
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take five! ≤ 25%
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take four! ≤ 35%
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take three! ≤ 40%
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take two! ≤ 45%
That's fair. I'll take one. ≤ 50%
Hmm, okay. I'll buy one. ≤ 60%
That's a bit much for me. ≤ 100%
Don't be absurd - it's clearly not worth that! no limit (won't buy)
Goodness! We don't deal in sums of money that big in the marketplace. no limit (won't buy, > 5000 coins)

The trick is to find a balance between a high price and the gourmet's willingness to buy more pieces. Sometimes, lowering the price a bit may lead to greater profits since the gourmet will want to buy more. It's always handy to bring several pieces of the foods you are trying to sell.

Overselling[edit | edit source]

If you sell too many of the same item, over time, the Gourmets will start to offer less money for it. The discount is 1% multiplied by how many of the item you've sold, but this count decrements by one every minute. It is world-specific and true for all players. The discount is capped at 50%, meaning the Gourmets will always pay at least half of the normal price, even if you've sold thousands. You can get a sense of whether the Gourmets are tired of a particular food based on their dialogue response:

Count Response
0 Ooh, I've never had that before. How exciting!
1-10 Oh, I think I've heard people talking about that.
11-20 Oh, of course. I've had that occasionally.
21-40 Oh, we have that all the time.
40+ That again?

If a gourmet has never had a food before, there is a 1% chance that they'll be amazed by the food, and tell all their friends about it. This means that the gourmets will treat this food as "Very positive" for the next 20 minutes, meaning you can charge more money for it.

Types of food[edit | edit source]

Item Price GE price Profit
1/2 anchovy pizza.png 1/2 anchovy pizza 90 N/A N/A
1/2 meat pizza.png 1/2 meat pizza 75 N/A N/A
1/2 pineapple pizza.png 1/2 pineapple pizza 150 N/A N/A
1/2 plain pizza.png 1/2 plain pizza 60 N/A N/A
2/3 cake.png 2/3 cake 90 N/A N/A
2/3 chocolate cake.png 2/3 chocolate cake 150 N/A N/A
Apple pie.png Apple pie 90 69 21
Admiral pie.png Admiral pie 930 139 791
Anchovy pizza.png Anchovy pizza 180 622 -442
Anchovies.png Anchovies 7 84 -77
Anglerfish.png Anglerfish 225 1,422 -1,197
Baked potato.png Baked potato 36 193 -157
Banana stew.png Banana stew 900 18 882
Botanical pie.png Botanical pie 90 893 -803
Bottle of wine.png Bottle of wine 1,500 559 941
Bread.png Bread 36 172 -136
Banana.png Banana 2 60 -58
Bass.png Bass 20 76 -56
Cooked fishcake.png Cooked fishcake 100 N/A N/A
Cooked undead chicken.png Cooked undead chicken 4 N/A N/A
Cooked undead meat.png Cooked undead meat 4 N/A N/A
Cabbage.png Cabbage 1 69 -68
Calquat fruit.png Calquat fruit 54 97 -43
Cooked crab meat.png Cooked crab meat 50 719 -669
Cooked crab meat.png Cooked crab meat 40 N/A N/A
Cooked crab meat.png Cooked crab meat 30 N/A N/A
Cooked crab meat.png Cooked crab meat 20 N/A N/A
Cooked crab meat.png Cooked crab meat 10 N/A N/A
Coconut.png Coconut 87 992 -905
Cooked chicken.png Cooked chicken 4 86 -82
Cooked chompy.png Cooked chompy 130 35 95
Cooked jubbly.png Cooked jubbly 150 508 -358
Cooked meat.png Cooked meat 4 88 -84
Cooked mystery meat.png Cooked mystery meat 4 270 -266
Cooked rabbit.png Cooked rabbit 4 325 -321
Cooked slimy eel.png Cooked slimy eel 1 182 -181
Cooked sweetcorn.png Cooked sweetcorn 9 346 -337
Cabbage (Draynor Manor).png Cabbage (Draynor Manor) 3 N/A N/A
Chocolate slice.png Chocolate slice 90 N/A N/A
Chocolatey milk.png Chocolatey milk 6 N/A N/A
Cake.png Cake 150 157 -7
Cheese.png Cheese 12 34 -22
Choc-ice.png Choc-ice 90 209 -119
Chocolate bar.png Chocolate bar 30 24 6
Chocolate cake.png Chocolate cake 210 180 30
Chocolate dust.png Chocolate dust 6 42 -36
Cooked oomlie wrap.png Cooked oomlie wrap 105 5,220 -5,115
Curry.png Curry 60 677 -617
Cave eel.png Cave eel 7 161 -154
Caviar.png Caviar 25 192 -167
Cod.png Cod 5 18 -13
Chocolate bomb.png Chocolate bomb 166 793 -627
Chocchip crunchies.png Chocchip crunchies 135 1,238 -1,103
Cheese+tom batta.png Cheese+tom batta 107 1,253 -1,146
Cooked karambwan.png Cooked karambwan 125 473 -348
Chopped onion.png Chopped onion 45 31 14
Chopped tomato.png Chopped tomato 45 32 13
Chopped tuna.png Chopped tuna 15 193 -178
Chilli con carne.png Chilli con carne 166 30 136
Chilli potato.png Chilli potato 300 135 165
Dragonfruit pie.png Dragonfruit pie 210 384 -174
Dragonfruit.png Dragonfruit 95 826 -731
Dwellberries.png Dwellberries 4 27 -23
Dark crab.png Dark crab 160 1,333 -1,173
Edible seaweed.png Edible seaweed 6 27 -21
Equa leaves.png Equa leaves 2 121 -119
Egg and tomato.png Egg and tomato 150 121 29
Egg potato.png Egg potato 150 279 -129
Fresh monkfish.png Fresh monkfish 5 N/A N/A
Fruit batta.png Fruit batta 200 2,443 -2,243
Fried onions.png Fried onions 21 25 -4
Frog spawn.png Frog spawn 2 N/A N/A
Fat snail meat.png Fat snail meat 30 1,340 -1,310
Field ration.png Field ration 30 N/A N/A
Fried mushrooms.png Fried mushrooms 126 120 6
Fish pie.png Fish pie 300 39 261
Giant carp.png Giant carp 5 N/A N/A
Garden pie.png Garden pie 72 95 -23
Giant frog legs.png Giant frog legs 100 1,664 -1,564
Gout tuber.png Gout tuber 200 782,962 -782,762
Half an admiral pie.png Half an admiral pie 465 N/A N/A
Half a fish pie.png Half a fish pie 300 N/A N/A
Half a botanical pie.png Half a botanical pie 45 N/A N/A
Half a dragonfruit pie.png Half a dragonfruit pie 105 N/A N/A
Half a meat pie.png Half a meat pie 24 N/A N/A
Half a garden pie.png Half a garden pie 36 N/A N/A
Half a redberry pie.png Half a redberry pie 18 N/A N/A
Half a mushroom pie.png Half a mushroom pie 45 N/A N/A
Half a summer pie.png Half a summer pie 210 N/A N/A
Half a wild pie.png Half a wild pie 273 N/A N/A
Half an apple pie.png Half an apple pie 45 N/A N/A
Half coconut.png Half coconut 87 N/A N/A
Herring.png Herring 5 9 -4
Jangerberries.png Jangerberries 1 199 -198
Jug of wine.png Jug of wine 3 3 0
Karambwanji.png Karambwanji 5 N/A N/A
Kebab.png Kebab 9 63 -54
Keg of beer.png Keg of beer 750 712 38
King worm.png King worm 2 343 -341
Lean snail meat.png Lean snail meat 20 2,162 -2,142
Lemon.png Lemon 2 49 -47
Lemon chunks.png Lemon chunks 2 112 -110
Lemon slices.png Lemon slices 2 114 -112
Lime.png Lime 2 48 -46
Lime chunks.png Lime chunks 1 173 -172
Lime slices.png Lime slices 2 150 -148
Locust meat.png Locust meat 1 20 -19
Lobster.png Lobster 35 166 -131
Lava eel.png Lava eel 75 N/A N/A
Meat pizza.png Meat pizza 150 423 -273
Meat pie.png Meat pie 45 39 6
Mushroom pie.png Mushroom pie 90 1,415 -1,325
Monkey bar.png Monkey bar 150 215 -65
Monkey nuts.png Monkey nuts 9 118 -109
Monkfish.png Monkfish 115 319 -204
Mackerel.png Mackerel 7 9 -2
Manta ray.png Manta ray 100 1,323 -1,223
Mushroom potato.png Mushroom potato 400 764 -364
Minced meat.png Minced meat 107 257 -150
Mushroom & onion.png Mushroom & onion 400 224 176
Onion & tomato.png Onion & tomato 45 10 35
Onion.png Onion 3 38 -35
Orange.png Orange 2 60 -58
Orange chunks.png Orange chunks 2 100 -98
Orange slices.png Orange slices 2 95 -93
Papaya fruit.png Papaya fruit 64 626 -562
Pineapple.png Pineapple 2 185 -183
Pineapple chunks.png Pineapple chunks 1 175 -174
Pineapple ring.png Pineapple ring 1 78 -77
Pot of cream.png Pot of cream 2 19 -17
Premade c+t batta.png Premade c+t batta 120 43 77
Premade ch' crunch.png Premade ch' crunch 85 47 38
Premade choc bomb.png Premade choc bomb 160 106 54
Premade fr't batta.png Premade fr't batta 120 41 79
Premade s'y crunch.png Premade s'y crunch 85 41 44
Premade t'd batta.png Premade t'd batta 120 41 79
Premade t'd crunch.png Premade t'd crunch 85 450 -365
Premade ttl.png Premade ttl 160 74 86
Premade veg ball.png Premade veg ball 150 46 104
Premade veg batta.png Premade veg batta 120 41 79
Premade w'm batta.png Premade w'm batta 120 42 78
Premade w'm crun'.png Premade w'm crun' 85 41 44
Premade worm hole.png Premade worm hole 150 48 102
Peach.png Peach 1 N/A N/A
Poison karambwan.png Poison karambwan 125 N/A N/A
Pike.png Pike 10 24 -14
Baked potato.png Baked potato 15 42 -27
Potato with cheese.png Potato with cheese 107 286 -179
Potato with butter.png Potato with butter 90 369 -279
Pineapple pizza.png Pineapple pizza 300 748 -448
Plain pizza.png Plain pizza 120 488 -368
Purple sweets.png Purple sweets 45 7,228 -7,183
Rock cake.png Rock cake 3 N/A N/A
Roll.png Roll 75 N/A N/A
Potato.png Potato 1 42 -41
Roast beast meat.png Roast beast meat 25 26 -1
Roast bird meat.png Roast bird meat 17 17 0
Roast rabbit.png Roast rabbit 20 128 -108
Rainbow fish.png Rainbow fish 60 42 18
Roe.png Roe 10 84 -74
Rotten apple.png Rotten apple 1 N/A N/A
Red banana.png Red banana 5 N/A N/A
Redberry pie.png Redberry pie 36 55 -19
Seaweed sandwich.png Seaweed sandwich 3 N/A N/A
Slice of cake.png Slice of cake 30 N/A N/A
Stuffed snake.png Stuffed snake 3 N/A N/A
Spicy sauce.png Spicy sauce 27 390 -363
Spinach roll.png Spinach roll 3 61 -58
Steak sandwich.png Steak sandwich 75 N/A N/A
Super kebab.png Super kebab 9 988 -979
Stew.png Stew 60 38 22
Strange fruit.png Strange fruit 3 525 -522
Sliced banana.png Sliced banana 2 67 -65
Spider on shaft.png Spider on shaft 40 104 -64
Spider on stick.png Spider on stick 50 198 -148
Strawberry.png Strawberry 17 168 -151
Salmon.png Salmon 15 64 -49
Sardine.png Sardine 5 8 -3
Sea turtle.png Sea turtle 100 864 -764
Shark.png Shark 85 773 -688
Shrimps.png Shrimps 2 25 -23
Swordfish.png Swordfish 40 296 -256
Spicy sauce.png Spicy sauce 45 390 -345
Spicy tomato.png Spicy tomato 45 278 -233
Sweetcorn (bowl).png Sweetcorn (bowl) 13 455 -442
Spicy minced meat.png Spicy minced meat 135 519 -384
Spicy crunchies.png Spicy crunchies 200 1,315 -1,115
Scrambled egg.png Scrambled egg 45 18 27
Tchiki monkey nuts.png Tchiki monkey nuts 15 N/A N/A
Tchiki nut paste.png Tchiki nut paste 15 N/A N/A
Triangle sandwich.png Triangle sandwich 75 340 -265
Tenti pineapple.png Tenti pineapple 1 N/A N/A
Thin snail meat.png Thin snail meat 10 1,159 -1,149
Toad's legs.png Toad's legs 2 537 -535
Tomato.png Tomato 4 37 -33
Trout.png Trout 5 30 -25
Tuna.png Tuna 20 77 -57
Tangled toad's legs.png Tangled toad's legs 333 4,849 -4,516
Toad batta.png Toad batta 150 487 -337
Tuna and corn.png Tuna and corn 45 855 -810
Tuna potato.png Tuna potato 166 1,175 -1,009
Toad crunchies.png Toad crunchies 100 4,040 -3,940
Ugthanki kebab.png Ugthanki kebab 60 667 -607
Ugthanki kebab (smelling).png Ugthanki kebab (smelling) 60 N/A N/A
Ugthanki meat.png Ugthanki meat 5 256 -251
Veg ball.png Veg ball 150 1,152 -1,002
Vegetable batta.png Vegetable batta 136 2,210 -2,074
Worm batta.png Worm batta 150 1,501 -1,351
Worm crunchies.png Worm crunchies 200 2,427 -2,227
Worm hole.png Worm hole 333 2,945 -2,612
Watermelon.png Watermelon 48 17 31
Watermelon slice.png Watermelon slice 16 40 -24
White pearl.png White pearl 1 N/A N/A
White tree fruit.png White tree fruit 1 N/A N/A

Cannot be sold[edit | edit source]

The following are considered disgusting to the Dorgeshuun, prompting Lurgon to say "Yuk!"

Black mushroom.png Black mushroom
Cave nightshade.png Cave nightshade
Easter egg.png Easter egg
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin
Summer pie.png Summer pie
Wild pie.png Wild pie

The following items cannot be sold, because they are Dorgeshuun cuisine, prompting Lurgon to say "No, there's no point trying to sell Dorgeshuun foods in the market."

Bat shish.png Bat shish
Coated frogs' legs.png Coated frogs' legs
Eel sushi.png Eel sushi
Fillets.png Fillets
Fingers.png Fingers
Frogburger.png Frogburger
Frogspawn gumbo.png Frogspawn gumbo
Green gloop soup.png Green gloop soup
Grubs à la mode.png Grubs à la mode
Loach.png Loach
Mushrooms.png Mushrooms
Roast frog.png Roast frog

The following are not considered food items.

Fat snail.png Fat snail
Beer.png Beer
Beer tankard.png Beer tankard
Braindeath 'rum'.png Braindeath 'rum'
Brandy.png Brandy
Chopped garlic.png Chopped garlic
Chopped ugthanki.png Chopped ugthanki
Cider.png Cider
Cup of tea.png Cup of tea
Elven dawn.png Elven dawn
Fat snail.png Fat snail
Garlic.png Garlic
Garlic powder.png Garlic powder
Greenman's ale(m).png Greenman's ale(m)
Infernal eel.png Infernal eel
Kebab mix.png Kebab mix
Lean snail.png Lean snail
Mint cake.png Mint cake
Nettle tea.png Nettle tea
Pat of butter.png Pat of butter
Pineapple punch.png Pineapple punch
Poison chalice.png Poison chalice
Poisoned cheese.png Poisoned cheese
Rock cake.png Rock cake
Sacred eel.png Sacred eel
Servery cooked meat.png Servery cooked meat
Servery meat pie.png Servery meat pie
Servery pineapple pizza.png Servery pineapple pizza
Servery plain pizza.png Servery plain pizza
Servery potato.png Servery potato
Servery stew.png Servery stew
Sweetcorn.png Sweetcorn
Ugthanki & onion.png Ugthanki & onion
Ugthanki & tomato.png Ugthanki & tomato