Doric's hut

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Doric's hut
Doric's hut.png
Released6 April 2001 (Update)
Advanced data
Location on World Map
Goblin Village
Taverley Doric's Hut Ice Mountain

Doric's hut is a small hut located south of Goblin Village, just east of the gate to Taverley. There is a small wheat field just south of it. The only inhabitant, Doric, is a dwarf who specialises in the Smithing skill.

As the name implies, this hut is the starting location of Doric's Quest, and can be started by talking to Doric. After the quest, players can use the 2 anvils inside the hut; currently the closest anvils to any banks in Falador.

The whetstone in the hut is used in the Devious Minds quest, where the player creates a bow-sword from a mithril 2h sword and bowstring.