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The King Black Dragon in action.

A dragon (Draconis Rex) is a large winged reptilian monster (though rarely seen flying) and possesses the ability to exhale dragonfire. Since a dragon's fiery breath attack can hit over 45+ damage, to safely fight them, an Anti-dragon shield or Anti-fire potion is almost always required. If both the shield and the potion are used, 100% of the damage is prevented in most cases (with the exception of the King Black Dragon's special breaths).

Dragons drop dragonhide of their particular colour (metal bars in the case of metallic dragons) and dragon bones. Brutal dragons, the King Black Dragon and Vorkath drop two hides instead of one. Dragons are weak to dragonbane weapons.

History[edit | edit source]

The dragons were first created by the Dragonkin in an attempt to find a cure to the Curse implemented by Jas. The dragonkin fused their blood with large, lizard-like creatures, resulting in the creation of the dragon race. Numerous dragons were created, and were capable of reproducing with each other, but they were all seen as failures by the dragonkin, and promptly abandoned or destroyed in a fit of rage.

Vorki gives out numerous facts about dragons - for example, the dragonfire produced by dragons is caused by a duct in their mouth which expels internal fluids, which ignites when it makes contact with air. Baby dragons do not breathe dragonfire due to their duct and organs not being developed enough. Dragons can live for a very long period of time, as shown with the King Black Dragon and Vorkath (although in an undead state), generally falling prey to combat. Dragons are capable of communication, but most lack the brain capacity to do so.

During the Dragonkin Conflicts, the peaceful dragonkin that were attacked by humans were looking for more aggressive dragon strains to protect themselves as they refused to distinguish the peaceful ones from those that willingly gave in to the Curse.

Metal dragons were created by infusing the draconic eggs with molten metal. Few eggs survived the process.

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Draconic creatures[edit | edit source]

Some monsters are not fully considered dragons, but they are still weak to the effects of dragonbane weapons, excluding Zulrah. They do not breathe fire as regular dragons do, but they may have similar attacks, such as wyverns' ice breath. Many of these creatures were created by the Dragonkin.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although they have wings, dragons rarely fly. This is because the animals they prey on are all ground dwelling.
  • Dragons were created by the Dragonkin by using their own lifeblood with that of a lizard.
  • During the Dragon Slayer I quest, there's a short cutscene where you can see Elvarg fly. This was the only time in RuneScape when a dragon was seen flying, until the release of Dragon Slayer II.