Dragon claws

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Dragon claws
Dragon claws.png
Released5 January 2017 (Update)
Also calledDclaws
Quest itemNo
OptionsWield, Drop
ExamineA set of fighting claws.
Value205,000 coins
High alch123,000 coins
Low alch82,000 coins
Weight0.907 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange91,046,207 coins (info)
Buy limit8
Daily volume1,773
Advanced data
Item ID13652
Dragon claws detail.png

Dragon claws are a pair of metallic claws made from dragon metal, obtained as a rare reward for completing a raid in the Chambers of Xeric. Equipping them requires level 60 Attack.

They are also temporarily obtainable from objects opened with bloodier keys during a game of Last Man Standing.

Dragon claws are notable for their special attack, which can deal a lot of damage in quick succession.

 Attack bonusesDragon claws equipped male.pngDragon claws equipped female.png
 Defence bonuses
 Other bonusesSlot
StrengthRangedMagic damagePrayer2h slot
Base attack speedRange
Monster attack speed 4.png1

Combat styles[edit | edit source]

Category: ClawCombat StyleStyle typeWeapon StyleExperienceInvisible Boost
CombatStyles Claw.pngChopSlashAccurateAttack and Hitpoints+3 Attack
SlashSlashAggressiveStrength and Hitpoints+3 Strength
LungeStabControlledAttack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints+1 Attack, Strength, and Defence
BlockSlashDefensiveDefence and Hitpoints+3 Defence

Special attack[edit | edit source]

A player performing the dragon claws' special attack, Slice and Dice.

These claws feature a special attack, Slice and Dice, which drains 50% of the special attack bar and hits an enemy four times in succession, which is commonly used by PKers as a finisher. The damage calculation rolls against the opponent's slash defence.[1]

The damage dealt by the special attack depends on which of the four strikes miss. All fractions described below are rounded down. Due to a lack of sources, there may be minor errors in this description:

  • Each of the four attacks has the same accuracy as an ordinary attack, until one of the attack manages to successfully hit. After an attack hits, all remaining attacks will also successfully hit the target. All successful hits will deal damage, as described below.
  • "4-2-1-1". If the first attack hits, then its max hit will be 1 point less than the max hit of an ordinary attack. The minimum hit will be half of the ordinary max hit. The second hit will deal half of the first hit. The third hit will deal half of the second. The fourth hit will, at random, deal either the same damage as the third hit, or 1 more damage than the third hit.[2] A realistic example of a full attack is 35–17–8–9.
  • "0-4-2-2". If the first hit is 0 and the second one hits, then the second hit will deal between about 3/8 and 7/8 of the ordinary maximum hit. The remaining hits will follow the same process as above. An example of this situation is 0–30–15–16.
  • "0-0-3-3". If the first two attacks hit 0–0, the third attack will deal between about 1/4 and 3/4 of the ordinary max hit. The fourth hit still matches the third hit as usual. For example, 0–0–22–23.
  • "0-0-0-5". If the claws' first 3 hits are zeros, the last hit (if successful) will deal between 0.25x and 1.25x ordinary damage. e.g.: 0–0–0–46.
  • "0-0-0-0". If all hits miss, there is a 50/50 chance between dealing 0–0–1–1 or 0–0–0–0.

The shorthand names, like "4-2-1-1", give a rough idea of the total damage dealt, but are not fully accurate. The expected total damage is as follows[3]:

  • If all attacks hit, the damage dealt is between 1x and 2x the ordinary max hit. This is 3 times more damage, on average, than an ordinary successful attack.
  • If the second strike is the first to hit, the total is between 0.75x and 1.75x of the ordinary max hit, or about 2.5x of the ordinary successful hit.
  • If the third strike is the first to hit, the total is between 0.5x and 1.5x of the ordinary max hit, or about 2x of the ordinary successful hit.
  • If the fourth strike is the first to hit, the total is between 0.25x and 1.25x of the ordinary max hit, or about 1.5x of the ordinary successful hit.

Against a weak enemy, where a hit is nearly guaranteed, a special attack from the dragon claws will deal about 3x as much as a normal attack.

Against an enemy with extremely high defence, where most or all player attacks will typically miss, the expected damage can scale to as high as 9x the damage of a normal attack, because the repeated accuracy checks give a high chance of hitting an opponent that is normally very resistant.

In practice, against most bosses, the average damage will be somewhere in between. For example, if the player has 50% accuracy with claws at a certain boss, then the special attack does as much damage on average as about five normal attacks.

If the player is on a Slayer task (and using a Slayer helmet or Black mask) wearing maximum strength gear, the highest possible hit sequence is 49–24–12–13, totalling up to 98. Against players, the highest sequence is 44-22-11-12, totalling up to 89. Although dragon dagger can hit higher (up to 108 and 98 respectively), its special attack rolls the two hits independently and it is less accurate, making high hits less consistent. Similarly, while crystal halberd can also hit very high in one special attack against a large monster, its slower attack speed and independent rolls make it perform worse on average.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Ancient chestN/A Casket.png13/69

Used in recommended equipment[edit | edit source]

Special attack

3Abyssal Sire/Strategies (Ranged)
1Abyssal Sire/Strategies (Melee)
2Adamant dragon/Strategies (Melee)
1Alchemical Hydra/Strategies (Melee)
2Barbarian Assault/Strategies (Melee)
1Barrows/Strategies (High level)
1Cerberus/Strategies (Melee)
3Chambers of Xeric/Challenge Mode (Melee)
3Chaos Elemental/Strategies (Melee)
1Chaos Elemental/Strategies (Torag's)
1Chaos Elemental/Strategies (Melee (Anti-magic))
3Chompington (Melee)
3Dagannoth Kings/Strategies (Tribrid (All Kings))
2Dark beast/Strategies (Melee)
1Drake/Strategies (Melee)
3Duke Sucellus/Strategies (Melee)
2General Graardor/Strategies (Melee Attacker)
3General Graardor/Strategies (Solo (Melee))
2General Graardor/Strategies (Advanced Tank)
2Giant Mole/Strategies (Dharok's)
2Giant Mole/Strategies (Melee)
2Glough Speed-Trialist (Melee)
1Grotesque Guardians/Strategies (Melee)
3K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Melee tank)
2K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Solo Melee)
2K'ril Tsutsaroth/Strategies (Melee attacker)
2Lizardman shaman/Strategies (Melee)
2Metal dragons/Strategies (Melee)
2The Mimic/Strategies (Magic)
2The Mimic/Strategies (Ranged)
2Mithril dragon/Strategies (Melee)
1Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Melee)
2Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Ranged)
1Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Melee (Dharok's))
1Nightmare Zone/Strategies (Melee (Prayer))
4The Nightmare/Strategies (5 man groups)
3Phosani's Nightmare/Strategies (Solo)
2Rune dragon/Strategies (Melee)
1Sarachnis/Strategies (Melee)
4Skotizo/Strategies (Melee)
2Slayer task/Gargoyles (Melee)
2Slayer task/Jellies (Melee)
1Slayer training (Melee)
1Theatre of Blood/Strategies (Learner)
1Theatre of Blood/Strategies (Freezer)
1Theatre of Blood/Strategies (Ranger)
1Theatre of Blood/Strategies (Melee DPS)
1Thermonuclear smoke devil/Strategies (Melee)
1Thermonuclear smoke devil/Strategies (Magic)
2Tombs of Amascut/Strategies (Melee switch)
2TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies (Melee)
1Ultimate Ironman Guide/Equipment
2Vorkath/Strategies (Melee)

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
25 July 2019

The attack sound when performing the special attack has been changed from the dragon dagger sound to the unique sound used in RuneScape.

6 June 2019

The left-click option on dragon claws are now "Wield" rather than "Wear".

5 January 2017
(update | poll)
  • The item was released.
  • The item was graphically updated.
  • The item's value was decreased from 16,000,000 to 205,000.
  • The item was made tradeable on the Grand Exchange.
  • The item could now be made into banknotes.
18 February 2016

Dragon claws were added to the cache for tournament worlds.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Dragon claws (v1) detail.png
Dragon claws detail.png
Dragon claws v1.png
Dragon claws.png
18 February 2016 –
5 January 2017
5 January 2017 –

References[edit | edit source]

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