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The Dragon forge is an ancient dragonkin forge located in the south-west corner of the Ancient Cavern at the top of a set of stairs. The forge was used by dragonkin to forge dragon equipment out of orikalkum. The forge contains a large basin, 3 dragon heads made out of metal, and many anvils. There are channels in the side of the basin and marks in the floor where lava would flow from the mouths of the dragons and into the basin, then flows out again and runs along the floor, out of the room.

Lighting a dragon head.

During Dragon Slayer II, players reignite the forge by unlocking the mithril door on the upper level using an ancient key found in a dragonkin laboratory underneath Ungael. Inside the mithril door are three hanging dragon heads and a giant orb in the centre. The player must click on each head to light it using Fire Wave or Surge, which will ignite a flame in their mouths.

After completion of Dragon Slayer II, players can use the dragon forge to forge dragon platebodies and dragon kiteshields.

Dragon platebodies can be forged by bringing a dragon chainbody, dragon metal lump, dragon metal shard and a hammer to the forge with a Smithing level of 90.

Dragon kiteshields can be forged by bringing a dragon square shield, dragon metal shard, dragon metal slice and a hammer to the forge with a Smithing level of 75.