Dragon javelin heads

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Dragon javelin heads detail.png

Dragon javelin heads are items that can be fletched into dragon javelins at level 92 Fletching when used with javelin shafts, which are made by using regular logs with a knife, granting 225 experience per 15 javelins made.

In order to obtain them as a drop, the player must complete Monkey Madness II.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Adamant dragon338 Multicombat.png20–306/99
Black dragon227; 247 Multicombat.png10–25Uncommon
Brutal black dragon318 Multicombat.png402/128
Brutal blue dragon271 Multicombat.png12; 15Rare
Brutal red dragon289 Multicombat.png12–15Uncommon
Demonic gorilla275 Multicombat.png27–3325/500
Dragon impling83 Hunter icon.png25–351/19
Dragon impling jarN/A Casket.png25–351/19
King Black Dragon276 Multicombat.png155/128
Lava dragon252 Multicombat.png15Uncommon
Mithril dragon304 Multicombat.png15Uncommon
Red dragon152 Multicombat.png10Uncommon
Rune dragon380 Multicombat.png30–405/127
Steel dragon246; 274 Multicombat.png125/128
Tortured gorilla141; 142 Multicombat.png5Rare