Dragon mask

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Dragon masks are possible rewards from Treasure Trails and can be worn in the head slot. Chromatic dragon masks can be obtained from hard Treasure Trails, while metal and lava dragon masks can be obtained from elite Treasure Trails.

All of the dragon masks can be stored independently from each other in the treasure chest of a player's costume room.

Item GE Price
Bronze dragon mask.png Bronze dragon mask 6,036
Iron dragon mask.png Iron dragon mask 5,887
Steel dragon mask.png Steel dragon mask 6,066
Mithril dragon mask.png Mithril dragon mask 6,402
Adamant dragon mask.png Adamant dragon mask 6,735
Rune dragon mask.png Rune dragon mask 14,262
Lava dragon mask.png Lava dragon mask 3,059,458
Green dragon mask.png Green dragon mask 7,594
Blue dragon mask.png Blue dragon mask 5,670
Red dragon mask.png Red dragon mask 6,259
Black dragon mask.png Black dragon mask 27,866