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Ablenkian's escape, one of the few remaining accounts of the Dragon riders.

The Dragon riders was a name given to a group of beings, that served Zaros near the end of the Second Age. Little is known about them, other than they had a unique talent for taming and riding dragons, which was considered an impossible feat, thus making them formidable and dangerous opponents. There are no known dragon riders alive today.

Known Dragon riders[edit | edit source]

  • Ablenkian - A dragon rider, who rode a dragon named Hekala. He remained loyal to Zaros after his downfall, but was deemed a traitor by a fellow Zarosian named Corveth and killed by a pack of ripper demons.
  • Apropos - A dragon rider, who defected to Zamorak, shortly before Zaros' downfall.
  • Hannibus - A dragon rider, who reluctantly followed Zaros, but did not defect to Zamorak and instead tried to remain neutral.