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The King Black Dragon utilising his dragonfire attacks.

Dragonfire is the fiery breath attack used by most dragons, hence the name. While it can deal considerable damage to unprepared players, the damage may be negated with certain shields, (super) antifire potions and Protect from Magic.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Adult dragons can deal up to 50 damage with dragonfire. Regular armour offers no additional protection from the flames. Dragonfire damage can be reduced or fully absorbed when the player has the sufficient protection from it; see the table below for all means of protection, and the effective damage reduction of each method.

Regular dragons, known as chromatic dragons, only use dragonfire attacks when in melee range from the player. Most other dragons, however, can also use dragonfire at longer distances. Baby dragons cannot use dragonfire at all.

Metallic dragons ignore Protect from Magic with their dragonfire attacks. The dragon bosses (Elvarg, Vorkath, Galvek and King Black Dragon) will also (partly) ignore certain protection methods against dragonfire.

Icy breath[edit | edit source]

Wyverns use an ice-type breath instead of regular dragonfire. This is even more dangerous, as it can temporarily prevent the player from moving. Icy breath damage is not reduced by many forms of dragonfire protection, instead requiring certain shields. Unlike regular dragonfire, it may be reduced with an elemental or mind shield. Icy breath can only be reduced to 10 damage and not fully prevented. Furthermore, the freezing effect of the attack may only be countered with an ancient wyvern shield.

Protection[edit | edit source]

There are several methods to protect oneself against dragonfire. Every method requires the player to have started Dragon Slayer I to be used, with the exception of Protect from Magic. These methods may be used in conjunction with each other (prayer, potion and shield), granting even more protection against dragonfire.

Icon Name Effect Note
Protect from Magic inventory image Protect from Magic Significantly reduces damage from dragonfire, except from metallic dragons. Rather ineffective against Elvarg. Requires Prayer 37 Prayer.
Anti-dragon shield inventory image Anti-dragon shield Significantly reduces the damage taken from all forms of dragonfire. Obtained during Dragon Slayer I.
Dragonfire shield inventory image Dragonfire shield Compared with the anti-dragon shield, it also reduces wyverns' icy breath damage to 10.
Can be charged with absorbed dragonfire attacks or bottled dragonbreath to provide the second-strongest melee and ranged Defence bonuses of any shield, respectively only after the ancient wyvern shield and crystal shield.
Requires Smithing 90 Smithing, an Anti-dragon shield, and a Draconic visage to create.
Dragonfire ward inventory image Dragonfire ward Ranged variant of the dragonfire shield. Requires Smithing 90 Smithing, an Anti-dragon shield, and a Skeletal visage to create.
Ancient wyvern shield inventory image Ancient wyvern shield Compared with the dragonfire shield, it also blocks the freezing effect of wyverns' icy breath attacks.
Has the strongest melee Defence bonuses of any shield in game.
Requires Smithing 66 Smithing, Magic 66 Magic, an Elemental shield, and a Wyvern visage to create.
Elemental shield Mind shield Elemental or mind shield Has no effect against dragonfire. Reduces wyverns' icy breath damage to 10. Obtained during Elemental Workshop I and II.
Antifire potion(4) Extended antifire(4) (Extended) antifire potion Lasts 6 minutes, or 12 when extended. Has no effect without other forms of protection.
In combination with a shield or Protect from Magic, or both, it provides full immunity to most dragonfire attacks.
Requires Herblore 69 or 84 Herblore to create.
Super antifire potion(4) Extended super antifire(4) (Extended) super antifire potion Lasts 3 minutes, or 6 when extended. Can be used without other forms of protection to gain full immunity to most dragonfire attacks.
Has no effect on Galvek, Vorkath and King Black Dragon when solely used.
Requires Herblore 92 and completion of Dragon Slayer II to create.

The following table shows the maximum damage of dragonfire when using different types of dragonfire protection.

Protections used Maximum damage
Anti-dragon shield Protect from Magic Super antifire potion(4) Names Chromatic / Brutal Metallic Elvarg Vorkath Galvek King Black Dragon
None 50 50 69 73 115 65
Anti-dragon shield Anti-dragon shield 5 5 10 20 Unknown 15
Protect from Magic Protect from Magic 10 50 48 30 Unknown (50+) 20
Antifire potion(4) Antifire potion 50 50 69 73 Unknown (50+) 65
Super antifire potion(4) Super antifire potion 0 0 0 73 Unknown (50+) 65
Anti-dragon shield Protect from Magic Anti-dragon shield
Protect from Magic
5 5 7 20 Unknown 15
Anti-dragon shield Antifire potion(4) Antifire potion
Anti-dragon shield
0 0 7 10 0 10
Anti-dragon shield Super antifire potion(4) Super antifire potion
Anti-dragon shield
0 0 0 0 0 10
Protect from Magic Antifire potion(4) Antifire potion
Protect from Magic
0 50 48 20 50 15
Protect from Magic Super antifire potion(4) Super antifire potion
Protect from Magic
0 0 0 10 50 15
Anti-dragon shield Protect from Magic Antifire potion(4) Antifire potion
Protect from Magic
Anti-dragon shield
0 0 4 10 0 10
Anti-dragon shield Protect from Magic Super antifire potion(4) Super antifire potion
Protect from Magic
Anti-dragon shield
0 0 0 0 0 10

Using dragonfire[edit | edit source]

Players can also use dragonfire in combat through the use of certain attacks. The dragonfire used by players has the same effect as dragonfire used by dragons. Therefore, it can hit very high against players without proper protection.

The dragonstone bolts special.

Players are able to discharge a blast of dragonfire with the dragonfire shield variants by right clicking the shield. This will deal approximately 25 damage.

Another way to use dragonfire is by using enchanted dragonstone bolts in Ranged. These bolts have, like other enchanted bolts, a special attack. This special attack enables the wearer to occasionally hit the opponent with a blast of dragonfire, adding extra damage to a bolt hit (visible Ranged level * 20%).

Dragonfire discharged from the dragonfire shield.

These methods will not cause damage if the opponent is a fire monster[List?] or a dragon (excluding Metallic dragons below Mithril). In PvP situations, if the opponent is wearing an anti-dragon shield, dragonfire shield or under the effects of antifire potions (or both), the bolt special effect will not activate and the shield will deal no damage.

The following potions give full immunity against the enchanted dragon bolt special attack for the respective times:

Potion Minutes
(per dose)
1 dose 2 dose 3 dose 4 dose
Antifire potion inventory image Antifire potion 6 20.67 21.08 28.33 42.54
Extended antifire inventory image Extended antifire 12 4.67 4.88 3.22 3.60
Super antifire potion inventory image Super antifire potion 3 868.33 857.83 986.78 931.25
Extended super antifire inventory image Extended super antifire 6 417.33 446.58 475.72 428.75

Magical fire is not considered as dragonfire. The protection needed for dragonfire doesn't provide protection against fire spells.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The message when you are partially protected from dragonfire is different depending on what kind of protection you have.
  • In the Tower of Life quest, the player has to answer a question to the Homunculus about how dragons can breathe fire. One of the answers suggests that this is done with the power of 'magical dragonstones.' The other answer states that it happens through the ignition of gas when the dragon exhales. It is possible that the ignition of dragonfire is mediated through some magical property of dragonstone crystals.