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Grown6 fruit5 fruit4 fruit3 fruit2 fruit1 fruitEmptyStump
Dragonfruit tree
Dragonfruit tree (grown).png
Released10 January 2019 (Update)
LocationFruit tree patch
OptionsCheck-health, Inspect, Guide
ExamineA fully grown dragonfruit plant.
Advanced data
Object ID34021

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6
Dragonfruit tree
Dragonfruit tree (stage 1).png
Released10 January 2019 (Update)
LocationFruit tree patch
OptionsInspect, Guide
ExamineA dragonfruit plant has been planted in this fruit tree patch.
Advanced data
Object ID34008

Diseased, stage 2Diseased, stage 3Diseased, stage 4Diseased, stage 5Diseased, stage 6 (unused)Diseased, stage 7 (unused)
Diseased dragonfruit plant
Diseased dragonfruit plant (stage 2).png
Released10 January 2019 (Update)
LocationFruit tree patch
OptionsPrune, Inspect, Guide
ExamineThis dragonfruit plant looks like it could do with pruning with secateurs.
Advanced data
Object ID34022

Dead, stage 2Dead, stage 3Dead, stage 4Dead, stage 5Dead, stage 6 (unused)Dead, stage 7 (unused)
Dead dragonfruit plant
Dead dragonfruit plant (stage 2).png
Released10 January 2019 (Update)
LocationFruit tree patch
OptionsClear, Inspect, Guide
ExamineThis dragonfruit plant has become diseased and died.
Advanced data
Object ID34028

A dragonfruit tree can be grown in a fruit tree patch from a dragonfruit sapling using the Farming skill. This requires level 81 Farming. Players receive 140 Farming experience for planting a dragonfruit tree and 17,335 Farming experience for checking its health when it is fully grown. Players also receive 70 Farming experience each time they pick a dragonfruit from the tree, which it produces at about once every 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 6 at a time.

A nearby farmer will watch over a dragonfruit tree in exchange for 15 coconuts. If buying the Dragonfruit tree seed and coconut on the Grand Exchange, it will cost around 187,512 per tree, assuming one pays a gardener. If this tree becomes diseased, using secateurs or magic secateurs on it to prune the diseased leaves will bring it back to a healthy state.

Dragonfruits are used in the Cooking skill to make dragonfruit pies and to create bottled dragonbreath. They are also used to pay Alexandra in the Farming Guild to have her look after a planted redwood tree.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Dragonfruit tree
Level required Farming 81
Patch Fruit tree patch
Seeds per 1
Payment 15 coconut inventory imagecoconuts
Growth time 16 hours (960 minutes)
Yield 6
Regrow Yes
Seed Dragonfruit tree seed inventory imageDragonfruit tree seed
Seedling Dragonfruit seedling inventory imageDragonfruit seedling
Sapling Dragonfruit sapling inventory imageDragonfruit sapling
Plant Dragonfruit tree
Crop Dragonfruit inventory imageDragonfruit
Planting XP 140 xp
Checking XP 17,335 xp
Harvesting XP 70 xp
Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Dragonfruit.png: Dragonfruit tree drops Dragonfruit with rarity Always in quantity 1Dragonfruit1Always83557
Leaves.png: Dragonfruit tree drops Leaves with rarity Always in quantity 1Leaves1Always[d 1][d 2]Not sold0
  1. ^ Requires pruning with (magic) secateurs to cure disease.
  2. ^ Only dropped by Diseased version.

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

1Dragonfruit tree (stage 1).pngN/AN/A
2Dragonfruit tree (stage 2).pngDiseased dragonfruit plant (stage 2).pngDead dragonfruit plant (stage 2).png
3Dragonfruit tree (stage 3).pngDiseased dragonfruit plant (stage 3).pngDead dragonfruit plant (stage 3).png
4Dragonfruit tree (stage 4).pngDiseased dragonfruit plant (stage 4).pngDead dragonfruit plant (stage 4).png
5Dragonfruit tree (stage 5).pngDiseased dragonfruit plant (stage 5).pngDead dragonfruit plant (stage 5).png
6Dragonfruit tree (stage 6).pngN/AN/A
7Dragonfruit tree (grown).pngN/AN/A

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being classified as a fruit tree in RuneScape, dragonfruits in real life are classified as cacti.