Dragonhide armour

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Dragonhide armour is worn by rangers and is made from the hide of dragons through the Crafting skill. It provides decent defensive bonuses for melee and ranged, with good defensive bonuses against magic. As such, it is commonly worn in situations where a strong defence against magical attacks is required, including elemental Slayer monsters and player killing. Dragonhide armour comes in different colours depending on the hide it was made from, with different colours offering different bonuses. Each colour of dragonhide armour has vambraces, a body, and chaps.

The colours of dragonhide, in order of defensive strength, are:

Improved dragonhide armour comes in the form of blessed dragonhide armour, which provides greater defensive bonuses than black dragonhide. They are all obtained from Treasure Trails, and protect against relevant followers in the God Wars Dungeon.