Draynor Bank Robbery

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The Wise Old Man robbing the Draynor Village bank.

The Draynor Bank Robbery was a bank break-in, with criminal damage, several murders, and robbery which happened in Draynor Village. The only suspect is the Wise Old Man; there are some theories that Cool Mom227 aided him, though Mod Ash claims this to be untrue.

The main source of evidence is the security recording inside of the bank. Players can watch this recording by talking to the bank guard standing by the broken wall. The recording can be viewed again by paying the guard 50 coins.

Cool Mom227 lured the market guard patrolling the market away from the Wise Old Man, but it was confirmed she wasn't involved in his plan, making it merely a coincidence. If it wasn't for Cool Mom227, he would most likely have killed the market guard rather than had him distracted if he regarded him a serious threat.

The old man kills Purepker895 as he exits his house. Olivia, who witnessed the player's murder, was quickly teleported away before she could do anything using an unknown powerful spell (which looked similar to Saradomin Strike, being lightning, and sounded like Earth Wave). However, she did not see that the culprit was the Wise Old Man, due to an open door being between them.

The man destroyed a section of the bank's wall, killing the two bankers who attacked him.

The suspect then killed witness Elfinlocks, 1337sp34kr, and Qutiedoll before casting Telekinetic Grab on Elfinlocks' partyhat. He then was supposed to get the pillory random event, but he killed the Pillory Guard, who attacked him, with ease (first, it was the level 80 spell Charge, then a Saradomin Strike which hit 40 life points, and a special kick), then finally forced the last surviving banker to give him all of the money.

He spotted the security tape, and broke it so no more could be viewed (even though it didn't work).

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