Dreaded Years of Tragedy

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The Outpost is where the mischief was orchestrated.

The Dreaded Years of Tragedy (sometimes also called 'Dread' and 'Dreadful') was a period of conflict in Ardougne from approximately 95 to 98 of the Fifth Age, wherein a group of Zamorakians had moved into an abandoned Outpost to the north-west of the city and began to cause chaos. Their acts included theft and petty vandalism, as well as magical tricks and charms. They also convinced others, such as Drozal, to join their evil acts.

Though the acts of the Zamorakians seem petty and humorous, great distress was caused to the people of Ardougne and the conflict led to their calling on a Saradominist army to get rid of the Zamorakians in 98, a battle which would later become known as The Great Battle, in which all but one from each side were killed. This in turn led to the founding of the Ardignas line of kings in the new kingdom of Kandarin, which still rules to the present day, and the Equal Trade Market.

The history of the Outpost and Ardougne is uncovered during Making History.