Dry sticks

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Dry sticks detail.png

Dry sticks are the result of using broken glass on damp sticks. They are used in the Sea Slug quest to light a torch on the Fishing Platform. They can be retained after the quest, and they can be used at any time to light a torch.

They are the equivalent of a tinderbox, except these cannot be sold in the Grand Exchange or used to light logs. Rubbing together the dry sticks will not produce a lit torch. A tinderbox and dry sticks both use one slot in your inventory. If you already have a tinderbox, save space in your inventory and drop the dry sticks AFTER you have completed Sea Slug.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Quest points Partial completion of Sea Slug
Member icon.png
Ticks18 (10.8s)
Broken glass.pngBroken glass1N/A
Damp sticks.pngDamp sticks1N/A
Total Cost0
Dry sticks.pngDry sticks1N/A
A player turning Damp sticks into Dry sticks with the Broken glass.