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Duradel chathead.png

Duradel is the highest level Slayer Master. He's located in Shilo Village, which requires the completion of the Shilo Village quest to be accessed. He can be reached by climbing the ladder in the fishing shop, located just south of the river. To receive Slayer tasks from Duradel, a Combat level of 100 and a Slayer level of 50 is required. Being assigned a Slayer task from him is a hard task in the Karamja Diary. Duradel appears to also be wielding Rune claws.

Players who have achieved 99 Slayer can purchase a Slayer cape from him for 99,000 coins.

Slayer points[edit | edit source]

Players can receive Slayer reward points for completing Slayer assignments—this is based on how many tasks players have accomplished in a row. Completion of a task assigned by Duradel will grant you:

Task interval Points given
Every task 15
Every 10th 75
Every 50th 225
Every 100th 375
Every 250th 525
Every 1,000th 750

Useful fairy ring codes[edit | edit source]

Assignments[edit | edit source]

Monster Amount Extended amt. Unlock requirement Alternative(s) Weight
Aberrant spectre 130-200 200-250 60 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 65 CombatMulticombat.png Deviant spectre 7
Abyssal demon 130-200 200-250 85 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 85 CombatMulticombat.png Abyssal Sire, Reanimated abyssal 12
Adamant dragon 4-9 20-30 Completion of Dragon Slayer II None 2
Ankou 50-80 90-150 40 CombatMulticombat.png Dark Ankou 5
Aviansie 120-200 130-250 Unlocked the Watch the birdy ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points Kree'arra, Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin, Wingman Skree, Reanimated aviansie 8
Black demons 130-200 200-250 80 CombatMulticombat.png Demonic gorillas, Balfrug Kreeyath, Porazdir, Skotizo 8
Black dragons 10-20 40-60 80 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Dragon Slayer Baby black dragons, King Black Dragon, brutal black dragons (77 SlayerSlayer icon.png) 9
Bloodvelds 130-200 200-250 50 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 50 CombatMulticombat.png Mutated Bloodveld, Reanimated Bloodveld 8
Blue dragons 110-170 N/A 65 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Dragon Slayer Baby blue dragons, brutal blue dragons, Vorkath 4
Boss[1] 3-35 (3-15 for Zulrah) N/A Unlocked the Like a boss ability via spending 200 Slayer reward points, as well as various requirements for specific bosses None 12
Cave horrors 130-200 200-250 58 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 85 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Cabin Fever None 4
Cave kraken 100-120 150-200 87 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 80 CombatMulticombat.png, 50 MagicMagic icon.png Kraken 9
Dagannoth 130-200 N/A 75 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Horror from the Deep Dagannoth spawn, Dagannoth fledgeling, Dagannoth Kings, Reanimated dagannoth 9
Dark beasts 10-20 100-150 90 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 90 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Mourning's End Part II None 11
Drakes 50-110 N/A 84 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Dust devils 130-200 200-250 65 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 70 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Desert Treasure None 5
Elves 100-170 N/A 70 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Regicide Elf warrior, mourner (Mourner Headquarters), Reanimated elf 4
Fire giant 130-200 N/A 65 CombatMulticombat.png None 7
Fossil Island Wyverns 20-60 55-75 66 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 60 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Bone Voyage Spitting, taloned and long-tailed wyvern (66 SlayerSlayer icon.png), Ancient Wyvern (82 SlayerSlayer icon.png) 5
Gargoyles 130-200 200-250 75 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 80 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Priest in Peril Grotesque Guardians 8
Greater demons 130-200 150-200 75 CombatMulticombat.png K'ril Tsutsaroth, Tstanon Karlak, Skotizo 9
Hellhounds 130-200 N/A 75 CombatMulticombat.png Cerberus (91 SlayerSlayer icon.png), Skeleton Hellhound, Greater Skeleton Hellhound 10
Iron dragons 40-60 60-100 80 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Dragon Slayer None 5
Kalphite 130-200 N/A 15 CombatMulticombat.png Kalphite worker, Kalphite soldier, Kalphite guardian, Kalphite Queen, Reanimated kalphite 9
Kurask 130-200 N/A 70 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 65 CombatMulticombat.png None 4
Lizardmen 130-210 N/A Unlocked the Reptile got ripped ability via spending 75 Slayer reward points, 5% Shayzien favour (unless killing them outside the Lizardman Canyon) Lizardman brute, Lizardman shaman[2] 10
Mithril dragons 5-10 20-40 Unlocked the I hope you mith me ability via spending 80 Slayer reward points, partial completion of Barbarian Training None 9
Mutated Zygomites 20-30 N/A 57 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 60 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Lost City Ancient Zygomite 2
Nechryael 130-250 200-250 80 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 85 CombatMulticombat.png Greater Nechryael 9
Red dragons 30-65 N/A 68 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Dragon Slayer, unlocked the Seeing red ability via spending 50 Slayer reward points Baby red dragons, brutal red dragons 8
Rune dragons 3-8 30-60 Completion of Dragon Slayer II None 2
Skeletal Wyverns 20-40 50-70 72 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 70 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Elemental Workshop I None 7
Smoke devils 130-200 N/A 93 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 85 CombatMulticombat.png Thermonuclear smoke devil 9
Spiritual creatures 130-200 180-250 63 SlayerSlayer icon.png, 60 CombatMulticombat.png, completion of Death Plateau, level 60 in StrengthStrength icon.png or AgilityAgility icon.png Spiritual ranger (63 SlayerSlayer icon.png), warrior (68 SlayerSlayer icon.png), mage (83 SlayerSlayer icon.png) 7
Steel dragons 10-20 40-60 85 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Dragon Slayer None 7
Suqah 60-90 180-250 85 CombatMulticombat.png, partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy None 8
Trolls 130-200 N/A 60 CombatMulticombat.png Mountain troll, ice troll, Troll general, Reanimated troll 6
TzHaar 130-199 N/A Unlocked the Hot stuff ability via spending 100 Slayer reward points TzTok-Jad[3], TzKal-Zuk[4] 10
Waterfiends 130-200 N/A 75 CombatMulticombat.png, entered the Ancient Cavern once None 2
Wyrms 100-160 N/A 62 SlayerSlayer icon.png None 8
Total task weight 286
  1. The odds of getting a specific task from the boss category is much smaller than getting a normal task, since there are two rolls for that task: one roll for the boss task, and one roll for the specific task within the boss category.
  2. 100% Shayzien favour is required to kill lizardman shamans.
  3. Players may be given a chance to slay TzTok-Jad, giving 25,000 bonus Slayer experience as well as any experience gained throughout the cave.
  4. Players may be given a chance to slay TzKal-Zuk, provided they have already killed it once before, giving 100,000 bonus Slayer experience as well as any experience gained throughout the Inferno.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Duradel's hair is probably inspired by the Sikha, or Shikha. In Hinduism, this can signify a lock of hair left on the shaven head of a male Orthodox Hindu. Duradel's clothing also resembles that of a Hindu saint.
  • When the player asks Duradel about how he attained the Slayer cape, he mentions to the player that he killed a lot of powerful NPCs ("giants") to acquire it much faster than usual.
  • Duradel shares his iconic face paint with many others around RuneScape, such as Vannaka, the Oracle (on top of Ice Mountain) and the random event character, the Genie.
  • The difference between Duradel and Nieve/Steve's tasks is that he assigns waterfiends and doesn't assign brine rats, turoths, and Scabarites, as well as the different weights and amounts to kill for each task.