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Players need at least level 65 Slayer to fight these creatures. Protective headgear is also required to fight them; if players don't wear a facemask, slayer helmet or slayer helmet (i), dust devils will deal 16 damage with each hit instead of 8 (10 in the catacombs). In addition, players will not be able to damage dust devils, as a single attack from them, even under the effect of Protect from Melee, will reduce Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Magic to 0 whilst halving a player's prayer points and defence level.

An effective method to kill dust devils in the Catacombs of Kourend is to use Ice Burst or Ice Barrage. Turn on Protect from Melee, then attack the dust devils with a fast ranged weapon (such as darts or toxic blowpipe) to get them aggressive towards you. Run to a side which has two corners adjacent to each other and run back and forth between the two corners so that the dust devils clump into a small area. Switch to magic attack and use Ice Burst/Barrage. Since the dust devils have very little Magic defence, magical accuracy doesn't matter much, and players may choose to use equipment with high Prayer bonus to save Prayer potion doses, though you will want to keep your magic attack bonus higher than about -20. Equipment that increases magic strength, such as a Tormented bracelet, Ancestral robes, Imbued god cape, and Occult necklace are still worth bringing for their ability to increase your max hit. Additionally, having a bonecrusher helps in this regard since burying bones inside the Catacombs of Kourend also restores Prayer points.

A good healing strategy for non-overhead prayer users is to use the spell Bones to Peaches to maximise one's stay. Players with 80+ Defence and a Saradomin godsword shouldn't need much more than 5 sharks for a slayer task. However, those with high Defence and good defensive armour may not require any food, especially due to the occasional 4 Ugthanki kebab drop. Another way to heal is to bring full Guthans and heal on the Moss Giants in the room located to the west of them, this method is only used for the catacombs as you do need to wear the proper protection to slay them.

If using Magic or Ranged in the Smoke Dungeon, some of the lava pits can be used as safespots. One of them is the lava pit located northwest of the door leading to the burnt chest.

The same can be done in the Catacombs of Kourend, use the gaps in the east wall to shoot/cast on the dust devils along the wall. This is possible for either the north as the south area. Also the corridors can be used for this.

A safespot in the Catacombs, just south of the Warped Jellies.