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Dye exists in seven hues, plus the black mushroom ink. Dye is used to colour items: most commonly capes, but also certain quest items. Dyes can be made quickly by using the required ingredients on the person making the dye, given you have enough of the item and the required coins in your inventory.

They can also be bought from the Lletya Seamstress in Lletya, but this requires starting Mourning's End Part I.

Standard dyes[edit | edit source]

Standard dyes can be used to dye capes and goblin mail.

Dye colour Ingredients/dyes required
Red dye.png Red dye 3 redberries and 5 coins
Orange dye.png Orange dye Mixture of red dye and yellow dye
Yellow dye.png Yellow dye 2 onions and 5 coins
Green dye.png Green dye Mixture of blue dye and yellow dye
Blue dye.png Blue dye 2 woad leaves and 5 coins
Purple dye.png Purple dye Mixture of red dye and blue dye

Pink dye[edit | edit source]

Pink dye.pngPink dye is members only can be bought from Betty in the Magic Shop in Port Sarim for 20 coins, after you have completed The Hand in the Sand quest. It can be made during the quest by using redberries and white berries with a special vial of water.

Pink dye can be used to create a pink cape, craft a pink origami balloon and to make Pink goblin mail.

Black mushroom ink[edit | edit source]

Black mushroom ink.pngBlack mushroom ink is members only and player made during the Shadow of the Storm and The Golem quests. The dye is made by using a Pestle and mortar on a Black Mushroom with a Vial present in your inventory. It can be used to dye capes, desert robes, goblin mails, origami balloons, and the Silverlight sword.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Some quests require dyes to complete. Here is a list of these quests along with which dyes are needed: