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Released30 November 2022 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineA pot of Poison dynamite, with a fuse ready to light.
Value100 coins
High alch60 coins
Low alch40 coins
Weight1.36 kg
Advanced data
Item ID27426
Dynamite(p) detail.png
A player using poison dynamite.

Dynamite(p) is an item made by using three cave nightshade on a pot of dynamite, which requires level 50 Firemaking to do. It is primarily used to kill NPCs without gaining combat experience.

When lit with a tinderbox, it will detonate and hit an attackable NPC in a 3x3 area after 5 ticks (3 seconds) for 0-4 damage, with a 25% chance of inflicting poison starting at 6 damage if the target took damage (providing they aren't immune). Only one poison dynamite can be lit at a time, and it will only hit one target, even in a multicombat area. Players can also directly use the poison dynamite on a target, which will then explode after a short delay. Both methods require the target to be at full health.

The damage type via poison dynamite is the same as the player's equipped weapon, and monster immunities will apply; for example, players must equip a leaf-bladed weapon to damage turoths and kurask via poison dynamite. This also applies for the dynamite's accuracy roll, which is based on the accuracy bonuses of the player's equipped items. The maximum hit of the initial detonation scales with the player's Firemaking level.[1]

Firemaking Max Hit
90+ 4
70–89 3
50–69 2

Poison dynamite cannot be used inside the TzHaar Fight Caves. Attempting to do so will result in the game chat message It's probably dangerous to set dynamite in so much heat and fire. It is also not possible to envenom monsters through the passive effect of a charged serpentine helm when using poison dynamite.

Lastly, if the target dies due to poison damage alone, the player may not always receive kill credit and might not receive item drops from the target. This is possible if the target receives a hit of 0 but still received the 25% chance of poison, or if the target regenerates their HP back to full before the first instance of poison damage is applied.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Firemaking Firemaking50 ?0
Member icon.png
Ticks2 (1.2s)
Cave nightshade.pngCave nightshade3N/A
Total cost831

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
13 December 2022
  • A single-placed poison dynamite should now explode correctly.
  • Poison dynamite will now work on the temple guardian.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 6 December 2022. Archived from the original on 6 December 2022. Mod Ash: "[How does firemaking level play into the the calculation then?] Determines the max hit - level 90 gives 4, level 70 gives 3, other levels give 2."