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Eadgar chathead.png

"Mad" Eadgar lives in a cave at the top of Trollheim. He plays a very small part in the Troll Stronghold quest, where players can free him from his cage. He also plays a central role in Eadgar's Ruse, acting as an advisor to the player, helping them craft a ruse with a parrot to fool the trolls into believing it to be a human.

Eadgar will give players a bowl of stew in exchange for some logs that he can use for firewood.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is a possible reference to the Shakespearian play King Lear, which contains a character named Edgar who adopts the disguise of a mad beggar.
  • He does not seem to worry about the trolls because he claims that he is too old for the trolls to eat him.