East Fremennik Isles mine

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The East Fremennik Isles mine is a small mine located north of the island city of Jatizso. The mine consists of copper, tin and coal rocks and is inhabited by ice trolls.

The copper rocks are found in the central northern area, while the coal rocks are in the north-west and north-east spots. The tin rocks are located in the south-west corner.

The mine is almost always deserted as players with access to the mine find little incentive in travelling such a distance to mine basic ores. Additionally, there are safer and more convenient mines where these rocks can be found, such as the Dwarven Mine. One possible use for this mine is during The Fremennik Isles, in which the player may need tin ores or coal depending on their Mining level, as this is area is very close by.

Rocks[edit | edit source]

RockMining MiningQuantity
Tin ore.pngTin117.53
Copper ore.pngCopper117.53