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The eastern settlement, or Settlement of the East, is a book found in the bookshelves of Lletya and in the Prifddinas Grand Library.

The book is a sequel to Eastern discovery, telling of the years after the treaty was settled and the elves made a settlement in the lands beyond the mountain range of Arandar.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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This volume is meant as a historical document to tell future generations about the settlement of the area to the east of Tirannwn. It is suggested that you read 'Exploration of the Eastern Realm' to give you grounding for this book. You will find the book is written from a third party point of view; this is in an attempt to make it more objective.

Chapter 1: The First Community

After the elves had completed their diplomatic negotiations with the neighbouring nations, King Baxtorian felt it was at last time to use the land they had secured.

It was decided that as the ogre nation to the south was unstable, the Cadarn clan should be the first to settle the newly acquired land, as they were one of the few clans able to defend themselves.

It was not long before the first elven town in the eastern realm was born, populated by the Cadarn clan's settlers.

Chapter 2: A Time of Peace

After the Cadarn clan had secured the new realm, the other clans, seeing how much wealth was coming over Arandar, were quick to join them.

This was a time of great prosperity and profit for elves, gnomes and humans alike. New trade agreements were being created with the gnomes and humans. Soon new elven settlements started to be created.

Chapter 3: A Time of War

Although at this time, the elves, gnomes and humans were living in peace, to the south, the war between the ogres and their goblin neighbours degenerated.

The ogres attempted to decimate all goblin tribes in the south. This started a mass exodus of the goblins, and they started to emigrate north along the coast, moving through the lands not yet settled by elves.

Although the goblins were busy guarding their backs to the south and did not have the resources to start a war on two fronts, this did not stop them from raiding for supplies in the elven lands.

Chapter 4: Community

Within a few decades of 'The Break Out', the elves had created many thriving settlements and a vast network of roads, despite the constant raiding from the goblins.

The new realm continued to thrive for many years and likely will for many more.

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