Ebrill's journal

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Ebrill's journal
Ebrill's journal.png
Released25 July 2019 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineAn old journal.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.226 kg
Advanced data
Item ID24065
Ebrill's journal detail.png

Ebrill's journal is a book found in the Grand Library in Prifddinas, which requires completion of Song of the Elves to access.

The journal is written by Ebrill, an elf of the Iorwerth Clan, and describes his attempts to contact his friend, Colwyn, shortly before Lord Iorwerth's bloody conquest of the city during the Fourth Age.

If lost, it can be reclaimed from any bookshelf in the Grand Library, or from a bookcase within a player-owned house.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Ebrill's journal.

Something isn't right. I know that many in the Cadarn clan stay far from the city, but Colwyn has never had trouble contacting Prifddinas before. The clan know their way around the forest. They know how to keep safe. There's no reason for Colwyn's letters to have disappeared.

I might not have the hunting skills of the Cadarn clan, but I can hold my own in the wilds. The Iorwerth clan teaches its warriors well. And if I must fight to see my friend home safe, then so be it.

--Attempt 1--

In my haste to help Colwyn I fear I may have betrayed my intentions to Mother. She does not approve of my interactions with other clans, and the extent of her hostility remains unclear. She suspects that I intend to leave Prifddinas, and if I attempt any further action tonight, she will stop me, and I will never find Colwyn. For now, I must wait.

--Attempt 2--

It started so well. Mother left to continue her training, and so my initial departure went unnoticed. I felt that walking through the streets would lessen suspicion, but it may have worked too well - I encountered Lord Iorwerth himself on the pathway and he insisted on speaking with me. He didn't say much of substance, but he simply would not stop talking. After a frighteningly long time, I managed to excuse myself, but like a fool, the only reason I could produce was that Mother expected me home. I had no choice but to return empty-handed. I'm sorry, Colwyn. I'll be more careful next time.

--Attempt 3--

Can anyone be trusted? I waited until Mother was gone, I walked through darkened alleyways, and I avoided every elf in my path. I was not stopped by Mother, and I was not stopped by some old clan leader. But the guards at the gates ... I've never seen such hostility. I was barely even near the gate when the guard approached me - I'm surprised he didn't threaten me outright. I will try again, but I must keep away from the gates and, more importantly, the guards. I'm coming to find you, Colwyn, I promise.

--Attempt 4--

I think I may be beginning to fear these walls. I made my way back to the edge of town even more carefully this time, and I found the perfect place: a quiet patch of wall, far from the gates, and hidden from prying eyes. The trees on the far side were tall and sturdy. I fired my grapple perfectly and I watched it arc over the barrier with grace. But then my rope broke the instant it brushed against one of the wall's crystals. The break was cleaner than you'd ever believe. There's no way I'm getting over that wall like this. But don't worry, Colwyn, I have another idea...

--Attempt 5--

Mother knows. For the love of Seren, Mother knows. I hear her now, in the other room. I saw when I retrieved my rope that there was a loose crystal in the wall. I went back and pried it out tonight, and the hole it left behind may even have been large enough for me to fit through. But that didn't matter. As soon as the crystal was gone, another grew to replace it. This was no way out, and I couldn't leave the crystal there. Someone would surely find it, and that could only end in disaster. And so I brought the crystal home with me, and now Mother has found it. I'm so sorry, Colwyn. I fear I may have failed you.

I fear I may be in danger as well.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ebrill's Journal was written by a player named Chapeau_42 as part of a lore writing competition to commemorate the release of Song of the Elves, in which their name can be found in-game by searching the desk by the Elven Crystal Chest in the Tower of Voices. In addition, they were sent an engraved crystal decoration in real life to commemorate the quest.