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Elissa chathead.png

Elissa is a woman who is found in the north-eastern part of the digsite, east of Varrock. She is the wife of Varmen, who has done excavations in Uzer. She is included in The Golem quest, and she appears to be wearing Lucien's pendant.

Players can speak to her before starting the quest. When asked, "What do you do here?", she will answer, "I am helping with the dig. I am an expert in Third Age architecture." When asked, "What is this place?", she will answer, "In the Third Age, this was a great city! Look at these giant walls! They put Varrock to shame!"

Players can then choose to answer:

  • "I don't know, Varrock is pretty impressive"
    • She answers: "Hmph. I don't think it will look this good when it's buried in the ground for three thousand years!"
  • "What happened to the city?
    • She answers: "No one knows for sure. The Third Age was a time of destruction, when the gods were violently at war. Many great civilisations were destroyed then."