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Elstan chathead.png

Elstan is the gardener of the farming patch outside Falador. He will look after the two allotment patches if paid. Elstan is an important character in the Garden of Tranquillity quest and can answer questions in the Fairytale I - Growing Pains quest, for he is a G.A.G. member.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Elstan also sells basic farming tools, which can be accessed by talking to him and asking "Can you sell me something?". It is not an actual shop and it has no set stock; each item has to be bought individually through the dialogue.

in stock
sold at
Plant cure.pngPlant cureCoins 25.png 25Coins 100.png 233
Compost.pngCompostCoins 25.png 35Coins 25.png 26
Rake.pngRakeCoins 5.png 15Coins 250.png 267
Empty plant pot.pngEmpty plant potCoins 25.png 40Coins 4.png 4
Watering can.pngWatering canCoins 25.png 25Coins 250.png 269
Gardening trowel.pngGardening trowelCoins 5.png 15Coins 250.png 290
Seed dibber.pngSeed dibberCoins 5.png 15Coins 250.png 260

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
22 November 2018
Gardeners at farming patches now sell plant pots.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He seems to have a crush on Lyra. Ironically, Lyra reveals to the player that she seduces young men in order to provide the Vampyres with blood tithes.
  • It is revealed he is friends with Rind the gardener in Keldagrim and attended the Annual Asgarnia Gardening Conference together with him.
  • According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, "latens" (anagram of Elstan) means "to grow late" or "to cause to grow late."
  • During Fairytale Part I, Elstan tells you that you will have a hard time solving the quest unless you can find out how to make it rain. In popular culture, "making it rain" is a stunt performed by wealthy men who wish to flaunt their wealth by pushing dollar bills out of their hand into the air. The best effect is produced by using a fan to enhance the effect of the raining dollar bills.