Elven outfit

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A female player wearing the elven outfit.

The Elven outfit is a set of cosmetic clothing worn by elves.

The outfit can be bought from Lliann in Prifddinas.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Elven top (white).png Elven top (white) 7,142
Elven top (white vest).png Elven top (white vest) 6,803
Elven top (yellow).png Elven top (yellow) 6,489
Elven top (yellow vest).png Elven top (yellow vest) 6,311
Elven legwear.png Elven legwear 6,966
Elven skirt (white).png Elven skirt (white) 6,715
Elven skirt (yellow).png Elven skirt (yellow) 6,833
Elven gloves.png Elven gloves 13,450
Elven boots.png Elven boots 10,718