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Elves are among the longest living races in Gielinor. They are noted as being tall, graceful humanoids, with elongated ears. Female elves are also renowned for their beauty. They follow the crystalline goddess Seren, who journeyed to Gielinor with them from their ancestral homeland Tarddiad. Elves have no need for human technology or magic, but instead opt for crystal-based weaponry, technology and magic power, granted by Seren. Due to their many years of isolation brought on by their beliefs and a civil war, elves are generally regarded as a mere myth by humans, most of whom have not interacted with elves in centuries and believe them to have gone. All elves are associated with a clan, each of which originated from the first eight elven families of Gielinor.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

The elves originally lived in Tarddiad when they were visited by the god Seren. Seren was enamoured with the elves but was horrified to see her friends die of old age; being a god, she could never die under natural causes. In desperation, Seren prolonged their lives with her powers. Though this increased the lifespan of the elves, they still continued to die and also bound them to her; if they were not without her presence, then they would die of immense pain.

While living with the elves, a divine being visited Tarddiad and convinced Seren to come with them to Gielinor. Seren followed the being and found it perfect as she believed it could be a way to free the elves of the curse she gave them. As the elves built their new city in the lands soon to be called Tirannwn, Seren found a potential solution to her curse; finding a source of deathly energy deep underground. Seren believed her light would counter death, allowing the elves to live normal lives once and for all. She poured her darkness into her creation, but it attacked her and she was forced to seal it in the Temple of Light, with safeguards to ensure it would never be freed.

The God Wars[edit | edit source]

As the God Wars raged throughout Gielinor, Seren shielded her elves from the war that raged across Gielinor, mainly thanks to Seren, Clan Cadarn and the Galarpos Mountains providing a natural barrier against any invaders. However, one demon managed to enter Tirannwn. The elves were initially fearful it was the first of a new invasion, but soon discovered the demon was alone and was looking for something. The demon was captured by the elves for study and learned more about the war.

Following Guthix's creation of the Edicts of Guthix, Seren was forced to leave despite not playing a major role in the war. Seren, knowing the curse would kill the elves, instead shattered herself into numerous fragments to ensure the elves would survive. Though this caused much panic amongst the elves, order was swiftly restored by Lord Baxtorian Cadarn and his wife Glarial.

Elven Civil War[edit | edit source]

As Baxtorian and Clan Cadarn moved east of the Garlarpos Mountains, Lord Iorwerth began plotting to free Seren. Taking over Prifddinas, Baxtorian was forced to return but was defeated in the ensuing siege. Returning back to his kingdom, he found it destroyed by human forces. Baxtorian mourned his wife's death and sealed himself away, and the remaining Cadarn elves joined their brethren in Lletya to oppose Lord Iorwerth.

A human adventurer would soon play a pivotal role for the rebels, joining their ranks to undermine Lord Iorwerth. However, Arianwyn would soon betray the rebels when he learned they intended to return Seren. The adventurer defeated him and chased after Lord Iorwerth, who then freed the sealed fragment of Seren. Immediately the fragment dragged the adventurer into its realm, believing them to have been sent by Seren herself to finish her once and for all, unaware of the events of the God Wars. The adventurer defeated the fragment. With Lord Iorwerth's plans ruined, Prifddinas was restored and, in gratitude, Baxtorian allowed the player and Elena to be the first two humans to visit Prifddinas.

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