Enakhra's Lament

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Enakhra's Lament (#97)
Enakhra's Lament.png
Released 23 January 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Mahjarrat
Official difficulty Experienced
Lead developer(s) Isobel H

Enakhra's Lament is a quest which takes place in an old temple beneath the Kharidian Desert. It is the first quest to feature the Mahjarrat Akthanakos and Enakhra.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Talk to Lazim south of the desert Bandit Camp.
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionLazim the sculptor has a sad tale to tell - his days of making art are over, and now all he can do is carp at adventurers as they make a statue for him in the desert. Although, isn't just south of the Bandit Camp an odd place to be putting up a statue? Help Lazim out with his artistic endeavours, and learn more as this quest goes deeper into the history of RuneScape than you might expect...
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat None
Ironman concerns

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A sculptor in the sands[edit | edit source]

Items needed: A pickaxe, chisel.
The quest's start point.
Lazim chathead.png

You can start this quest by speaking with Lazim, who is located just south of the Bandit Camp and west of the Jaldraocht Pyramid (the pyramid involved in Desert Treasure). The simplest way of getting there is to travel with the free ferry south-west of Al-Kharid to the Ruins of Unkah, and to run north from there. Alternatively, if you have a Pharaoh's Sceptre you can teleport to Jaldraocht (Azzanadra's Pyramid) and run west. Have at least four free inventory spaces at the start of the quest.

Lazim introduces himself as a down-on-his-luck sculptor who once made statues for royalty but has been unable to hold a chisel since an unspecified accident. He wants your help building a statue to decorate the desolate area. Agree to help him. He will ask you to gather 32 kilograms' worth of sandstone from the nearby quarry.

There are four sizes of sandstone: 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg. You can use your chisel on big blocks to make them smaller, if necessary. At a higher Mining level, you'll get bigger blocks. Speak to Lazim and tell him you have the sandstone once you have finished. You will have to give the pieces to him one by one, eliciting some caustic remarks.

Shaky foundations[edit | edit source]

The statue needs a head.

After you've given Lazim exactly 32 kg, he will attach them with magic to make a 32kg sandstone block. Use your chisel on the block that he gives you to make a sandstone base. Talk to him again, and then use it on the flat ground next to him.

You now need 20 kilograms of sandstone for the body. After you've given him the required amount and he gives you the 20kg sandstone block, use your chisel on it to make a sandstone body and then attach it to the base. Lazim will grow increasingly angrier with your performance. He seems to be still missing something and tells you to chisel the statue a bit more. Talk to him again; he seems impatient, expecting something to have happened. He decides the statue is only missing a head, to be made out of granite from the same quarry. He lets you decide whose head the statue should bear. (If you want, you can tell him about the events of The Giant Dwarf if you have completed that quest; he will not allow you to use the head of your chosen company director because you no longer remember how it looks.)

The completed statue.

You now have to choose the head of the statue. You may choose between either your own head (which he will not allow either), Lazim's head, a camel's head or a god's head, with the choice of Zamorak or Icthlarin. Mine a 5 kg piece of granite (not sandstone!). Chisel it into a head (if you sculpt the wrong head, Lazim will insult you but allow you to change your choice at the cost of the granite) and keep the other in your inventory for later in the quest. In order to save time later, mine a second 5kg piece of granite and some clay as well. There is a general store at the Bandit Camp where you can buy a bucket of water to use on the clay to make it soft (The empty buckets can be given to Drew). Also mine a piece of coal if you don't have one already, as you will need it later.

Note: Mining granite is a Hard Desert Diary task.

Use the head on the statue. It will fall through the ground, creating a large hole. As you peer into it, Lazim pushes you inside. You hurt your duodenum and appear in an ancient temple below next to the sculptor and broken statue. Talk to Lazim, who says everything has gone according to plan. You deduce that he is not in fact a sculptor but promises you a share of whatever treasure you find in the temple if you help him. He explains you have fallen to the bottom floor and need to make your way to the top one. The doors in the temple do not require keys but stone limbs instead; he suggests you mine or chisel them off the statue.

The Camel, the Witch and the Prison[edit | edit source]

Removing the statue parts.

Use your chisel or pickaxe on the statue to get a stone left arm, stone right arm, stone left leg and stone right leg, which you'll use as keys to unlock the doors to the rooms. Lazim also returns the stone head to you, which had fallen off the statue. Should you need to exit the temple, the ladder next to the statue's remains leads to a pile of sand you can climb to the surface. This will unlock this entrance permanently.

Go around the outside track to each of the rooms through the doors, as the door in the western corridor is locked. Each door requires one of the limbs. Opening a door will give you a headache and trigger a cutscene. The first shows a mysterious woman called Enakhra cheering at the completion of the temple for her lord. The second, four Knights of Avarrocka come to destroy the sorceress and her temple, only to be slain effortlessly by Enakhra's magic. One knight is left alive, frozen in ice. In the third cutscene, a camel-headed man named Akthanakos apparently convinces Enakhra to defect from Zamorak, for whom the temple is but who would rather have a weapon, to 'their side'. She pretends to agree, upon which the man leaves. In the next cutscene, she is shown animating bones to a weak skeleton in an attempt to create a weapon for Zamorak and is not satisfied.

As you pass the bigger rooms along the way, take the Z sigil, R sigil and K sigil, which together with the M sigil in the room in which you started make up the consonants of 'Zamorak'. You may also want to climb the ladders and sandpiles to unlock all four secret entrances. After you've unlocked all of the outer doors with the four limbs, go towards the middle and use the sigil to unlock the door. If you want you may also unlock the other three doors. (This will permanently remove the sigils.)

Go up the ladder. A magical barrier is blocking your progress and there is a curious pedestal next to the ladder. Go back to Lazim and ask him about it. He asks whether there is a recess in it, which you confirm. He suggests placing the statue head into it. Try doing so; it will fit, but not perfectly. Return to Lazim for advice. He says you should make a mould of the recess somehow and use that as a template to make another head from granite.

Collect some soft clay and granite and use the former on the pedestal to make a positive camel head mould and then use the chisel on a piece of medium-sized granite (5 kg) to make a new stone head. Place this granite camel head into the pedestal to be greeted by another cutscene. It shows Akthanakos standing by the pedestal, confused. Enakhra reveals her betrayal and freezes him, expressing her loyalty to Zamorak. If you did not bring soft clay, regular clay can be mined in the quarry. There is a general store to the north where you can purchase a bucket, bowl or jug with water and use it on the clay to make soft clay.

Optional: Use a second wet clay on the granite head on the pedestal to make a camel mask for yourself, but only after you've crafted and placed in the new stone head.

Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

The four elements of Enakhra[edit | edit source]

Lazim will appear next to you after the cutscene, complimenting you on opening the doors. He explains the magic barrier will not let you through but it may open if you solve each of the four puzzles in the surrounding rooms. You will know you have succeeded because the corresponding globes on the pedestal will be lit. You may wish to start with the blood room, as it will unlock advice about the other ones.

Smoke[edit | edit source]

Take the north-east corridor and examine the furnace. Its grate is blocked and requires a strong blast of air to clear. Use a wind spell, bolt or stronger, on the furnace to clear out the room.

Shadow[edit | edit source]

Take the south-east corridor and investigate each brazier to see what kind of fire used to burn there. The items are: logs, oak logs, willow logs, maple logs, a candle, and coal. All items except for coal can be gathered in the vicinity of Catherby and the Seers' Village, whilst coal is mined in the desert quarry.

Warning: Standing too long in this room without lighting any braziers will do damage due to darkness!

Blood[edit | edit source]

Take the north-west corridor and talk to the old knight Pentyn, frozen by a magical spell. He believes you are a shapeshifting Mahjarrat there to torture him again. He explains he is a Knight of Avarrocka and has been frozen, wounded and hungry for many years. Give him your loaf of bread or cake or pie. Make sure to right-click and use it on him, rather than left-click to eat. He will reminisce about his daughter, who had been learning to cook the given food, and thanks you for the memory. He'll still be stuck, but will no longer be in hunger.

He will also offer advice on the other rooms. The frozen fountain did not yield to fire nor swords and is likely magical in nature. The furnace produces choking fumes and requires a good breeze to clear. The fires in the dark room will have gone out since he last saw them and require relighting.

Ice[edit | edit source]

Take the south-west corridor to find a frozen fountain that will require more than a regular fire to thaw. Cast your Fire Bolt, Blast or Wave on the frozen fountain to thaw it.

A meeting of rivals[edit | edit source]

Boneguard (1) chathead.png
Releasing the Boneguard from its prison.

After all four globes are lit, speak to Lazim again, who will warn you of traps beyond the barrier, such as giant skeletons that will rend your limbs from your body. Go north through the barrier and up the ladder. If you go south, you will indeed encounter a Boneguard. Talk to it. It warns you that you will not pass it unless it 'crumbles to dust' and attack you if you don't run away in time. Cast Crumble Undead on it. Your spell must hit the guard. The boneguard collapses and a freed spirit thanks you. It asks you to please bury the five big bones it has left behind.

Pass the boneguard's remains and climb down the ladder. You'll see another boneguard. If you want, you may also climb down the latter from the other side, where Enakhra herself is standing. She angrily tells you not to interrupt her concentration and fires two spells at the Boneguard opposite her to prevent him from escaping before Zamorak can collect it, his weapon. Speak to the Boneguard. It will attack you once, stating that someone so easy to hit is not worth its time.

This time, turn on Protect from Melee and talk to it. It will try to attack you a couple of times — then, it will be impressed and ask for your help. It will tell you that it was put under Enakhra's control millennia ago and that she had tricked him into this state of slavery. When her concentration wavered, the Boneguard managed to construct part of a wall to obscure Enakhra's line of sight, but her spells have strengthened lately. Agree to help the Boneguard by finishing the wall so that it can be free. It promises you its amulet as a reward in return. It tells you to take stones from the nearby pile of rubble, stack them on the unfinished wall, trimming them with a chisel so they fit and that it will require but three loads.

If you want, you may quiz him for more backstory on himself and Enakhra. He says the latter is a 'coward and a despicable traitor' who supported Zamorak when he became a god. She built him this temple as a gift, but he did not care and she has been hidden inside ever since. He himself was once a proud mage but has long been trapped in Boneguard form, forced to defend Enakhra's temple from intruders when he believed her lies about wanting to become allies and end their rivarly.

Building the wall.

Take three pieces of sandstone from the pile of bricks, use the sandstone on the wall and then use your chisel on the wall to trim it. Once you've built the wall, Enakhra will be furious with you. Optionally, cross to the other side to talk to her. She will say the Boneguard, Akthanakos, is much harder to control now and that he supports someone whose name should not be mentioned. She also scolds you for dishonouring Zamorak's name.

Talk to the boneguard. It will thank you, crumble and reveal itself to be another Mahjarrat, the camel-headed Akthanakos. He is free from slavery after thousands of years and gives you his amulet in thanks. It allows you to understand camels and Ugthanki as well as containing teleports back to the temple. He then confronts his rival in a cutscene.

Enakhra blows up the wall and faces her nemesis. Akthanakos laughs and says Lord Zaros will be happy to aid him should, as Enakhra announces, Zamorak come to punish him for destroying his weapon. They transform into their skeleton forms and announce they will fight in the North before teleporting away.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Enakhra's Lament reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Enakhra's Lament is required for the following:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Lazim" is probably from the Arabic word lāzim (لازم), meaning necessary or obligatory. The same word has been borrowed by Turkish ("lazım"), Persian ("lāzem") and Urdu ("lāzim").
  • The 4 sigils have the 4 letters, M, R, K and Z, which might refer to the word markez (مركز) from the Arabic language, which means centre. It could also be rearranged as Z, M, R and K, referring to Zamorak.