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This quick guide has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Building the statue[edit | edit source]

Quarry map.png
  • Talk to Lazim north-east of the quarry. (Chat 12)
  • Bring him 32 kg of sandstone, it doesn't have to be all at once. You can break down big pieces with a chisel.
  • Use your chisel on the sandstone (32 kg).
  • Place the base on the flat ground.
  • Repeat the process for a 20 kg body.
  • Use your chisel on the statue.
  • Talk to Lazim and pick any head (remember which head you picked).
  • Mine two 5 kg pieces of granite (not sandstone!). (Ironmen: mine an extra piece of any size granite if you plan on doing King's Ransom)
  • Make the head you chose (if you don't make the head you chose, you will have to make another head). The other 5 kg granite piece is used later.
  • If you did not bring clay or coal, mine some now.
  • Talk to him and you'll fall into a temple.

Exploring the temple[edit | edit source]

Bottom floor[edit | edit source]

Enakhras temple bottom floor.png
  • Talk to Lazim.
  • Use your chisel on the fallen statue four times to get all its limbs.
  • Take-sigil from the pedestal south of Lazim to get the M sigil.
  • Go around all the rooms through the outer hallways and pick up the R, K and Z sigils (the matching limbs are used automatically to open the doors).
  • Go to the centre room after collecting all four sigils
  • Try to open the doors to place the sigils. Make sure to complete each dialogue.
  • Climb the ladder.

Middle floor[edit | edit source]

  • Use soft clay on the pedestal. (Cast your fire spell on the frozen fountain if you still need a water source)
  • Use a chisel on the 5 kg granite.
  • Place the stone head in the pedestal. (Make sure to finish dialogue).
  • North-west: use your bread or cake on Pentyn. (Chat 3)
  • North-east: cast wind bolt, blast, wave, or surge on the furnace.
  • South-east: light the 6 braziers with the appropriate fuels.
  • South-west: cast fire bolt, blast, wave, or surge on the fountain.
  • Pass through the magic barrier and climb the ladder. (If you can't pass through barrier, talk to Lazim)

Top floor[edit | edit source]

  • Cast crumble undead on the boneguard.
  • Climb down the stone ladder to the south.
  • Turn on Protect from Melee and talk to the new boneguard. (Chat 34)
  • Take 3 sandstones from the rubble pile.
  • Use a sandstone on the southern wall, then use your chisel on the wall. Repeat to completion.
  • Talk to the boneguard again.

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Enakhra's Lament reward scroll.png

Required for Completing[edit | edit source]