Enchanted quill

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Enchanted quill detail.png

The enchanted quill is an item obtained by using a feather on an enchanted scroll. It is used during the Client of Kourend quest.

When writing with this quill, the client will see what the player is writing on the enchanted scroll without anything being seen on the scroll itself. When the player asks Veos if they are spying for the client, he will say that he wishes to keep this task on the down low.

If a player tries to make another quill while already having one in their inventory, a message will appear saying that "there's no need to make another". However, it is possible to create a duplicate by banking the first one created, but upon the task being completed the duplicate will be removed from one's inventory or bank.

If a player tries to use the quill on an enchanted scroll, then a message appears saying that "you can't create another quill... by using the quill on the scroll."