Enchanted symbol

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Enchanted symbol
Enchanted symbol.png
Released23 November 2017 (Update)
Quest itemMage Arena II
DestroyKolodion will offer you a replacement at the Mage Arena.
ExamineAn enchanted symbol used to locate magical beings in the Wilderness.
Value20 coins
High alch12 coins
Low alch8 coins
Weight0.004 kg
Advanced data
Item ID21800
Enchanted symbol detail.png

The enchanted symbol is used in Mage Arena II miniquest to find the three god bosses. It works similarly to the strange device.

The symbol can only be used in the Wilderness. Activating the symbol will randomly deal up to 16 damage to the player. It is possible to die using the symbol. If lost, it may be reobtained from Kolodion in the mage arena bank.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being part of the Wilderness, attempting to activate the symbol in dungeons such as the Revenant Caves and Deep Wilderness Dungeon will result in the chatbox stating "The symbol doesn't seem to work here, I should try using it in the Wilderness." This is likely because the three god bosses only spawn on the surface.