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Run energy (sometimes called Energy or Stamina) allows players to run rather than walk around the landscape. Players move one tile per game tick while walking but move two tiles per game tick while running, making running twice as fast as walking. Run energy depletes while running, and turning on Run is only possible while a player has 1% energy or more.

Each player has at fewest 0 units of energy and up to 10,000 units of energy, and the game only displays the percentage of this energy. For instance, the game shows 100% when a player has the full 10,000 units of energy and 0% when a player has fewer than 100 units of energy. The energy percentage is displayed in the game's Settings screen and by the minimap if the Data orb option is toggled. Players can toggle this option to run everywhere they go, or they can run to one particular destination by holding down the Control key when they click to move, if run energy is toggled to walk. (see Game controls).

Using energy[edit | edit source]

Energy starts at 100% by default, but decreases as the player runs around. When a player's energy reaches 0%, their "run" option is automatically switched off. Moving to an adjacent tile through walking will not drain energy, even if Run is turned on.

The rate at which energy depletes grows with the weight of the items the player is carrying (i.e. items in the inventory and any items they have equipped). Players with negative weight (which is possible with weight reducing equipment) will have their energy deplete at the same rate as players with zero weight. Similarly, players with weight greater than 64kg (whether 64.1kg or as much as 1024.2kg) will have their energy deplete at the same rate as players with 64kg. Contrary to popular belief, a player's Agility level does not impact how quickly the player's run energy depletes.

The number of ticks running to go from 10,000 energy (100%) to 0 energy (0%) with various boosts. Recall that 100 ticks is 1 minute.

The formula for run energy lost per game tick ran by default is

where the function restricts the weight to be between 0kg and 64kg.

Run energy lost per tick can be modified by two effects beyond weight: having a stamina potion effect active or equipping a Ring of endurance with at least 500 charges. With the stamina potion effect, a player's run energy depletion rate is reduced to . With a charged ring of endurance equipped, a player's run energy depletion rate is reduced to .

Further, on the tick that a player's available energy hits 0 while running, their energy will only deplete by their current energy. For instance, if a player has 1 energy unit and attempts to run, they will run and only have their energy deplete by 1 to 0.

Recovering energy[edit | edit source]

Energy gradually recovers up to a maximum of 100% or 10,000 energy nearly any time that the player is not running (i.e. walking or standing still). Run energy tends to not recover when the player is doing something else. For example, run energy will not regenerate while the player is running, crossing an agility obstacle, or flying on a Magic carpet. Run energy also will not regenerate while the player is logged out.

The rate at which energy recovers generally increases with the player's Agility level. Notice that the energy recovery rate does not increase with each and every individual level increase. For instance, at level 5 Agility, a player's energy will not recover faster than if they had level 1 agility. Therefore if a player intends to pause Agility training on their account indefinitely, it is optimal to train their Agility level until they achieve the first, lowest level within any "group" of levels (e.g., pausing Agility training at level 30, 36, 48, 60, etc.).

The number of ticks not running to go from 0 energy (0%) to 10,000 energy (100%) with and without graceful. Recall that 100 ticks is 1 minute.

The amount of energy regenerated per game tick by default is

where is the player's agility level. Notice that the energy recovery rate at agility level 50 is double the rate at agility level 1. At agility level 99, the recovery rate is triple what it was at agility level 1.

Run energy regenerated per tick can be modified by only one effect beyond agility level. With the full graceful set equipped, the energy regenerated per tick is modified to . Without the full set equipped, the amount of run energy regenerated is modified according to the information in the graceful page.

Agility Level Seconds per 1% Energy Minutes from 0% to 100% Energy Ticks per 1% Energy
Default Graceful Default Graceful Default Graceful
0-5 7.500 6.000 12:30 10:00 12.500 10.000
6-11 6.667 5.455 11:07 9:06 11.111 9.091
12-17 6.000 4.615 10:00 7:42 10.000 7.692
18-23 5.455 4.286 9:06 7:09 9.091 7.143
24-29 5.000 4.000 8:20 6:40 8.333 6.667
30-35 4.615 3.750 7:42 6:15 7.692 6.250
36-41 4.286 3.333 7:09 5:34 7.143 5.556
42-47 4.000 3.158 6:40 5:16 6.667 5.263
48-53 3.750 3.000 6:15 5:00 6.250 5.000
54-59 3.529 2.727 5:53 4:33 5.882 4.545
60-65 3.333 2.609 5:34 4:21 5.556 4.348
66-71 3.158 2.500 5:16 4:10 5.263 4.167
72-77 3.000 2.308 5:00 3:51 5.000 3.846
78-83 2.857 2.222 4:46 3:43 4.762 3.704
84-89 2.727 2.143 4:33 3:35 4.545 3.571
90-95 2.609 2.069 4:21 3:27 4.348 3.448
96-101 2.500 1.935 4:10 3:14 4.167 3.226
102+ 2.400 1.875 4:00 3:08 4.000 3.125

Full energy restore[edit | edit source]

Certain activities or actions will fully restore a player's energy and other attributes, these include:

Energy-restoring action[edit | edit source]

Energy can be recovered instantly in a number of ways:

Untradeable items[edit | edit source]

Item Energy % Notes Members
White tree fruit inventory image White tree fruit 5–10% Picked in the Varrock palace gardens. 1
Member icon.png
Winter sq'irkjuice inventory image Winter sq'irkjuice 10% Made from Winter sq'irks, found within the Sorceress's Garden minigame. 1
Member icon.png
Spring sq'irkjuice inventory image Spring sq'irkjuice 20% Made from Spring sq'irks, found within the Sorceress's Garden minigame. 1
Member icon.png
Autumn sq'irkjuice inventory image Autumn sq'irkjuice 30% Made from Autumn sq'irks, found within the Sorceress's Garden minigame. 1
Member icon.png
Summer sq'irkjuice inventory image Summer sq'irkjuice 40% Made from Summer sq'irks, found within the Sorceress's Garden minigame. 1
Member icon.png
Bandages inventory image Bandages 30% Can only be used within the Castle Wars and Soul Wars minigame. 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Member icon.png
Explorer's ring 1 inventory image Explorer's ring 1 50% Can be used up to two times daily. 1
Member icon.png
Explorer's ring 2 inventory image Explorer's ring 2 50% Can be used up to three times daily. 1
Member icon.png
Explorer's ring 3 inventory image Explorer's ring 3 50% Can be used up to four times daily. 1
Member icon.png
Explorer's ring 4 inventory image Explorer's ring 4 100% Can be used up to three times daily. 1
Member icon.png
Agility cape inventory image Agility cape 100% Can be used once a day. Additionally reduces energy depletion by 70% for 1 minute. 1
Member icon.png

Tradeable items[edit | edit source]

Item Energy % Cost Cost per 1% Energy
Guthix rest(4) inventory image Guthix rest(4) 5% 1,618 80.90
Papaya fruit inventory image Papaya fruit 5% 733 146.60
Energy potion(4) inventory image Energy potion(4)[fn 1] 10% 456 11.40
Purple sweets inventory image Purple sweets 10% 5,908 590.80
Summer pie inventory image Summer pie[fn 2] 10% 833 41.65
Super energy(4) inventory image Super energy(4) 20% 3,018 37.73
Stamina potion(4) inventory image Stamina potion(4)[fn 3] 20% 6,303 78.79
Strange fruit inventory image Strange fruit 30% 447 14.90
Mint cake inventory image Mint cake 50% 17,377 347.54
Gout tuber inventory image Gout tuber 50% 919,827 18,396.54
  1. ^ Also available in free-to-play.
  2. ^ Also boosts agility by 5.
  3. ^ Additionally reduces energy depletion by 70% for 2 minutes.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Energy instantly restores by around 2% when completing a Rooftop Agility obstacle.
  • The Vile Vigour spell can convert all of the player's remaining prayer points into run energy at a 1:1 ratio.

Energy-lowering items[edit | edit source]

Energy can be lost instantly through these items.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
9 December 2021

Additional options have been added to the Settings menu under 'Ctrl+Click to invert run mode'.

Date unknown
  • Using 'Ctrl+Click' now toggles between running and walking, instead of always turning on run.
  • Clicking to walk somewhere after using 'Ctrl+Click' now resets run mode to the run setting, instead of remembering a Ctrl+Click action made earlier in the movement action.
28 April 2016

Run energy is now restored at the end of the tutorial.

21 March 2013
(update | poll)

Toggle run mode remembered between logins.

24 March 2014

Holding CTRL to run now functions correctly when clicking on an object or NPC.

22 February 2013

This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Agility affects the restoration of run energy even in F2P worlds. As such, even if your membership expires, you still benefit from the skill.[1]
  • If the game begins to load while the player is walking to a destination, the client may display the player character starting to run some distance before returning to walk, even though run energy is not expended. This "animation stalling" effect is due to the client and server reconciling the player's position in the game while the client is loading new map chunks.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 6 February 2015. (Archived from the original on 12 February 2021.) Mod Ash: "Run energy restores faster at high Agility, including on F2P worlds. Like it was in 2007. We weren't planning to change it."