Enhanced crystal key

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Enhanced crystal key detail.png

The enhanced crystal key is an upgraded version of the regular crystal key, and can be used to open the Elven Crystal Chest upstairs in the centre of Prifddinas after completion of Song of the Elves.

To personally craft an enhanced crystal key, the player must combine 10 crystal shards and a crystal key at a singing bowl, requiring level 80 Smithing and Crafting to sing the crystal (the levels can be boosted) and granting 500 experience in both skills. If the player does not meet the Smithing and Crafting requirements, they can have Conwenna or Reese sing the crystal for them for an extra 5 crystal shards, for a total of 15.

The rewards from the Elven Crystal Chest include one uncut dragonstone and various other items that are generally worth more than the rewards from the regular crystal chest in Taverley.