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Ensouled heads are items that can be dropped by their respective monsters. These heads can be reanimated by using the appropriate spell within the Arceuus spellbook on the head. Each reanimated monster killed will give the player favour with the Arceeus house and Prayer experience, with increasing favour and experience as the Magic requirement to reanimate the monster increases.

The reanimation spells can be cast anywhere across Gielinor only if the ensouled head is obtained as a drop from the respective monster, and using it within a certain time frame in the area. The spell must be cast on the head when it is on the ground; if you pick it up and cast the spell in your inventory, you will get the message stating to go to the Dark Altar to do that. Dropping the ensouled head after picking it up results in the same message.

Players may also send ensouled heads straight to the bank by using a charge of the Soul bearer, a reward from completing the Bear your Soul miniquest.

Players who do the following will have to cast the reanimation spells within range of the Dark Altar:

  • Obtaining ensouled heads via trading with other players
  • Waiting too long before casting the spell within the area where the ensouled head was obtained

Ensouled heads[edit | edit source]

For information about the cost per experience, see Calculator:Prayer

Ensouled head Dropped by Drop rate[1] Magic icon.png Level Reanimated Monster Prayer icon.png Exp Favour Earned

(With client of Kourend completed)

Runes for spell
Ensouled goblin head.pngGoblin
Goblins 1/35 3 Reanimated goblin 130 0.5% 1Nature2Body
Goblins (Higher level) 1/30
Ensouled monkey head.pngMonkey Monkeys 1/35 7 Reanimated monkey 182 0.5% 1Nature3Body
Ensouled imp head.pngImp Imps 1/25 12 Reanimated imp 286 0.5% 2Nature3Body
Ensouled minotaur head.pngMinotaur Minotaurs 1/50 16 Reanimated minotaur 364 1.0% 2Nature4Body
Ensouled scorpion head.pngScorpion
Scorpions 1/25 19 Reanimated scorpion 454 1.0% 1Soul1Nature
Scorpia 1/18
Ensouled bear head.pngBear
Black bears 1/25 21 Reanimated bear 480 1.0% 1Soul1Nature1Body
Grizzly bears
Ensouled unicorn head.pngUnicorn Unicorns 1/35 22 Reanimated unicorn 494 1.0% 1Soul1Nature2Body
Ensouled dog head.pngDog
Guard dogs 1/25 26 Reanimated dog 520 1.0% 1Soul2Nature2Body
Wild dogs
Ensouled chaos druid head.pngChaos Druid
Chaos druids 1/35 30 Reanimated chaos druid 584 1.0% 1Soul2Nature3Body
Chaos druid warrior 1/25
Elder Chaos druids 1/20
Ensouled giant head.pngGiant
Hill giants 1/25 37 Reanimated giant 650 1.0% 1Soul2Nature4Body
Moss giants 1/24
Ice giants 1/21
Fire giants 1/20
Ensouled ogre head.pngOgre Ogres 1/30 40 Reanimated ogre 716 1.0% 1Soul3Nature4Body
Ensouled elf head.pngElf
Elf warrior (Ranged) 1/50 43 Reanimated elf 754 1.5% 2Soul2Nature2Body
Elf warrior (Melee) 1/40
Ensouled troll head.pngTroll
Low level trolls 1/45 46 Reanimated troll 780 1.5% 2Soul2Nature3Body
High level trolls 1/28
Ice trolls 1/20
Ensouled horror head.pngHorror
Jungle horrors 1/40 52 Reanimated horror 832 1.5% 2Soul2Nature4Body
Cave horrors 1/30
Ensouled kalphite head.pngKalphite
Kalphite workers 1/250 57 Reanimated kalphite 884 1.5% 2Soul3Nature4Body
Kalphite soldiers 1/90
Kalphite guardians 1/35
Kalphite Queen 1/20
Ensouled dagannoth head.pngDagannoth
Dagannoth (Lighthouse) 1/40 62 Reanimated dagannoth 936 3Soul3Nature4Body
Dagannoth (Ranged) 1/35
Dagannoth (Melee) 1/40
Dagannoth Kings 1/20
Ensouled bloodveld head.pngBloodveld Bloodvelds 1/35 65 Reanimated bloodveld 1040 2Soul1Blood2Nature
Ensouled tzhaar head.pngTzHaar TzHaar-Ket 1/35 69 Reanimated TzHaar 1104 2Soul1Blood3Nature
Ensouled demon head.pngDemon
Lesser demons 1/50 72 Reanimated demon 1170 2Soul1Blood4Nature
Greater demons 1/40
Black demons 1/35
Ensouled aviansie head.pngAviansie
Aviansies 1/35 78 Reanimated aviansie 1234 3Soul1Blood4Nature
Aviansies (Wilderness) 1/20
Ensouled abyssal head.pngAbyssal
Abyssal walkers 1/40 85 Reanimated abyssal 1300 4Soul1Blood4Nature
Abyssal demons 1/25
Ensouled dragon head.pngDragon
Green dragons 1/35 93 Reanimated dragon 1560 4Soul2Blood4Nature
Blue dragons 1/50
Red dragons 1/40
Black dragons 1/35
Brutal green dragons 1/28
Brutal blue dragons 1/20
Brutal red dragons 1/20
Brutal black dragons 1/20

References[edit | edit source]

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