Ensouled scorpion head

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Ensouled scorpion head detail.png

An ensouled scorpion head is an item which can be dropped by scorpions and giant lobsters. It is used to gain 454 Prayer experience by using the level 16 Magic spell Basic Reanimation from the Arceuus spellbook.

Reanimation can be cast on any ensouled head within an 11x11 area where that head was dropped by a monster. This will work indefinitely, even if the ensouled head is picked up, as long as it is not traded or price checked using the in-game tool. If the player has used the in-game price checker on the head, or has obtained the head in a trade, the reanimation spell will only work within range of the Dark Altar.

When a player reanimates an ensouled scorpion head, a reanimated scorpion will appear and grant 454 Prayer experience after being killed.

Cost to Reanimate[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
4Body rune.png2Nature rune.png394
4Body rune.png1.87Nature rune.pngBryophyta's staff.png370

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Giant lobster (Ghosts Ahoy)32 Multicombat.png11/25
Grave scorpion12 Multicombat.png11/25
King Scorpion (m)32 Multicombat.png11/25
Pit Scorpion28 Multicombat.png11/25
Poison Scorpion20 Multicombat.png11/25
Scorpia225 Multicombat.png11/18
Scorpia's guardian47 Multicombat.png11/25
Scorpia's offspring (monster)15 Multicombat.png11/25
Scorpion (m)14; 37; 38; 59 Multicombat.png11/25

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
28 April 2021

The examine text was slightly changed; previously, it was "The creature's soul is still in here."