Essence pack

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This article contains information on content that did not pass a poll.
As such, the information presented here does not pertain to the live game, and is preserved for archival.
Essence pack
Essence pack.png
Released9 December 2020 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineA pack containing 100 pure essence.
Value430 coins
High alch258 coins
Low alch172 coins
Weight4.535 kg
Advanced data
Item ID25280
Essence pack detail.png

Essence packs are an unobtainable item which contain 100 pure essence when opened. There are two variants of this item, the first being a generic item pack intended to be purchased with coins, and the second intended to be purchased with stardust via Dusuri's Star Shop.

Essence packs were offered as a purchasable item from Dusuri's Star Shop in the Shooting Stars poll, though it only received 73.4% support, 1.6% short of the votes required to pass. As the developer creating Shooting Stars was unaware of the generic version's existence, a second one was created and subsequently removed from the shop after the item failed to pass the poll.

Update history[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 March 2021
  • The name of the generic variant was changed from "Pure essence pack" to "Essence pack".
  • The generic variant was changed to be members only.
  • The stardust variant was added to the game cache.