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Estate agent
Estate agent.png
Released31 May 2006 (Update)
Location? (edit)
ShopPlayer-owned houses, Skillcape of construction
OptionsTalk-to, Relocate, Redecorate
ExamineA fancy businessman with a mighty fine hat.
Advanced data
NPC ID3097
Estate agent chathead.png

Estate agents are NPCs that sell players land to build Player-owned houses (POH) on, as well as decorating them and/or moving them. These agents can be found in several major cities: Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, East Ardougne, and Hosidius, as well as Alwyn taking up the role in the Ithell district of Prifddinas. They are identified on the minimap by a symbol of a small house (Estate Agent icon.png). Players must pay 1,000 coins to purchase the first house in Rimmington, and begin training the Construction skill.

Estate agents also sell the Construction cape for 99,000 coins to anyone with a level 99 in Construction. The Construction cape is the only cape that may be bought from multiple NPCs.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
VarrockMember icon.png1Maplink
FaladorMember icon.png1Maplink
Seers' VillageMember icon.png1Maplink
ArdougneMember icon.png1Maplink
HosidiusMember icon.png1Maplink

Relocation[edit | edit source]

Estate agents can move a POH from its starting location in Rimmington to any of the other house portals locations identified by the portal icon (House portal icon.png) on the minimap. These locations include Rimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Hosidius, Rellekka, Brimhaven, Yanille, and Prifddinas.

Location Level Cost to move Map
Rimmington Construction 1 5,000 Maplink
Taverley Construction 10 5,000 Maplink
Pollnivneach Construction 20 7,500 Maplink
Hosidius[t 1] Construction 25 8,750 Maplink
Rellekka Construction 30 10,000 Maplink
Brimhaven Construction 40 15,000 Maplink
Yanille Construction 50 25,000 Maplink
Prifddinas[t 2] Construction 70 50,000 Maplink
  1. ^ You must visit Zeah before you can select this option.
  2. ^ Requires completion of Song of the Elves.

Redecoration[edit | edit source]

Estate agents can also change the House style of a POH. This is a cosmetic change to the ground and walls of the house, and does not affect the layout or content.

Note: Decorating your house with Fancy Stone at the Varrock and Seers' Village estate agents are Hard Varrock Diary and Hard Kandarin Diary tasks respectively.

Style Level Cost Styled like
Basic wood Construction 1 5,000 Rimmington
Basic stone Construction 10 5,000 Burthorpe
Whitewashed stone Construction 20 7,500 Pollnivneach
Fremennik-style wood Construction 30 10,000 Rellekka
Tropical wood Construction 40 15,000 Brimhaven
Fancy stone Construction 50 25,000 Falador
Deathly mansion[a] Construction 1 35,000 Death's House
Twisted theme[b] Construction 1 None Xerician
Hosidius house[c] Construction 1 5,000[d] Hosidius
Cosy cabin[e] Construction 1 35,000 Christmas Theme
  1. ^ Completion of a Halloween event is required to change your house style to Deathly mansion.
  2. ^ The Twisted blueprints are required to unlock Twisted theme.
  3. ^ The Hosidius blueprints are required to unlock Hosidius house.
  4. ^ Redecorating to Hosidius house is free when first handing in the Hosidius blueprints to an estate agent.
  5. ^ Completion of a Christmas event is required to change your house style to Cosy cabin.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Note: If a player has multiple 99s, they will receive the trimmed variant of the cape instead.

sold at
Construct. cape.pngConstruct. capeCoins 10000.png 99,000

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
18 October 2006

The NPC was graphically updated.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Estate agent (historical).png
Estate agent.png
31 May 2006 –
18 October 2006
18 October 2006 –

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Boosts can not be used to meet the level requirements.
  • If the player has not completed the Song of the Elves quest, the Estate agent will claim to have never heard of Prifddinas when the player tries to relocate their house there. However, the agent will reference the sawmill in Prifddinas when explaining houses to the player.
  • A variant estate agent was involved in the 2021 Halloween event, during which he tried to sell the Edgeville Monastery to Oziach.