Eternal gem

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Eternal gem
Eternal gem.png
Released4 May 2017 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsActivate, Check, Partner, Log
ExamineLike the enchanted gem sold by Slayer Masters, only with an eternal charge.
Value9,500 coins
High alch5,700 coins
Low alch3,800 coins
Weight0.004 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange8,810,035 coins (info)
Buy limit8
Daily volume75
Advanced data
Item ID21270
Eternal gem detail.png

The eternal gem is an upgraded version of the enchanted gem. It is dropped by superior slayer monsters, which are rare encounters unlocked after purchasing the unlock Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master.

The eternal gem has all the functions of the enchanted gem and thus can be used to contact a Slayer master and keep track of a player's Slayer task.

Players with level 75 Crafting and who have purchased the Ring bling unlock for 300 Slayer reward points can craft this gem into an eternal slayer ring. In order to craft this ring, players must use a gold bar on a furnace with a ring mould and the eternal gem in their inventory, granting 15 Crafting experience. Once used to craft a slayer ring, the gem cannot be taken out.

The eternal gem cannot be used to craft a Slayer helmet.

Products[edit | edit source]

Slayer ring (eternal).pngSlayer ring (eternal)
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 75
  • Crafting 15

Item sources[edit | edit source]

The drop rate of the eternal gem is determined by the Slayer requirement for the monster being slain. The exact formula is

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Abhorrent spectre253 Multicombat.png11/760
Basilisk Sentinel358 Multicombat.png11/760
Cave abomination206 Multicombat.png11/784
Chasm Crawler68 Multicombat.png11/1,336
Choke devil264 Multicombat.png11/680
Cockathrice89 Multicombat.png11/1,192
Colossal Hydra309 Multicombat.png11/160
Crushing hand45 Multicombat.png11/1,376
Flaming pyrelord97 Multicombat.png11/1,144
Giant rockslug86 Multicombat.png11/1,240
Greater abyssal demon342 Multicombat.png11/352
Guardian Drake386 Multicombat.png11/368
Infernal pyrelord134 Multicombat.png11/1,144
Insatiable Bloodveld202 Multicombat.png11/896
Insatiable mutated Bloodveld278 Multicombat.png11/896
King kurask295 Multicombat.png11/600
Malevolent Mage162 Multicombat.png11/960
Marble gargoyle349 Multicombat.png11/520
Monstrous basilisk135 Multicombat.png11/1,024
Nechryarch Greater300 Multicombat.png11/440
Night beast374 Multicombat.png11/256
Nuclear smoke devil280 Multicombat.png11/200
Repugnant spectre335 Multicombat.png11/760
Screaming banshee70 Multicombat.png11/1,288
Screaming twisted banshee144 Multicombat.png11/1,288
Shadow Wyrm267 Multicombat.png11/728
Spiked Turoth244 Multicombat.png11/832
Vitreous Jelly206 Multicombat.png11/872
Vitreous warped Jelly241 Multicombat.png11/872