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Expert mining gloves are a pair of gloves purchased from Belona by combining a pair of mining gloves and superior mining gloves for a fee of 60 unidentified minerals, costing a total of 240 unidentified minerals. These gloves require level 70 in Mining to wear.

When mining certain rocks with the gloves equipped, there is a chance that the rock will not be depleted, and the player will continue mining the rock until it depletes. This effect stacks with the Mining cape, Varrock armour and Celestial ring.

When a person dies with these in their inventory while in the Wilderness they do not keep the gloves but instead get 14 coins in their place.

The rocks listed below are affected by the gloves' effect:

Rock Chance of
Silver 50%
Coal 40%
Gold 33.33%
Mithril 25%
Adamantite 16.66%
Runite 12.5%
Amethyst 25%

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
2 July 2020

Expert mining gloves can now be used to harvest cave nightshade.

28 February 2019
(update | poll)

The gloves now have its effect applied to amethyst crystals. The examine text was also changed to reflect this; previously, it was "These will help me mine Silver, Coal, Gold, Mithril, Adamantite and Runite."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although they match the appearance of the prospector kit, they do not count towards the set bonus, nor are they able to be stored in a costume room.

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