Facing Jad Head-on

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Facing Jad Head-on (#153)
Released 21 July 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Description Complete the Fight Caves with only melee.
Tier Elite
Monster TzTok-Jad
Type Restriction

Facing Jad Head-on is an elite combat achievement which requires the player to complete the Fight Caves with only melee weapons equipped. Equipping a Ranged or Magic weapon will cause the task to fail regardless of whether or not they attack anything with it. This includes weapons that have melee options, but are used to cast spells, like the Lunar staff. However, casting spells with a melee weapon equipped will not fail the task. This means that casting Vengeance or summoning thralls will not fail the task, as long as a melee weapon is equipped.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
4 August 2021

The goblin paint cannon will now count as a melee weapon.