Fairy Tale quest series

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The Fairy Tale quest series is a series of quests.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

A magical fairy queen has been ran out of her home land that she rules over by the evil fairy godfather. You must set out to steal back the queens golden secutars from the fairy godfather so the queen can regain her power and then figure out how she can retake her home! Some say that to this day the queen is struggling to take back the throne from the fairy godfather. Many have came to the conclusion that the reason the queen hasn't been able to take back the throne yet is because the fairy godfather has a whole gang of orcs and orgres the size of an army on his side, and meanwhile the queen just has a few punnie fairy's that even after many many years are still somehow badly injured (probably all just trying to commit insurance fraud if u ask me!!). And to top it off the queen's only "all mighty" magic weapon is a golden pair of garden clippers... what's she going to do with them?! Trims the fairy godfathers hedges?! Come on queen.. get a rapier or at least a dragon scimmy!!

Quests[edit | edit source]

Main locations[edit | edit source]

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