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The Fairy Tale quest series is a series of three quests so far. It involves the fairies and is centred on Zanaris. It reveals a plot against the Fairy Queen and shows a group of fairies struggling to reclaim their city.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The quests involve the player discovering the lost city of Zanaris, which is inhabited by fairies. Zanaris is the moon of Gielinor and is accessible through fairy magic.

After discovering the city, the player becomes involved in helping the fairies. The Fairy Queen becomes sick, and the Fairy Godfather governs the city and sends the player to help cure the queen. The cure does not fully work, and it turns out the godfather is plotting to kill the queen and assume permanent control over the city. The queen and some other fairies flee to a secret hideout, where with the players assistance they cure the queen and plan to regain control of the city.

Lost City[edit | edit source]

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The player learns about a lost city through a group of adventurers camping near the Lumbridge Swamp. A leprechaun tells the player that the city can entered via a small shed in the swamp, but the player must be wielding a Dramen staff. The player travels to the Entrana Dungeon to acquire a branch for the staff from a special tree. The challenge is that no weapons or armour are allowed on Entrana, but the dungeon is inhabited by aggressive monsters, including a tree spirit that protects the tree. A player who succeeds in cutting a branch gets a Dramen staff, and the quest ends with the player entering Zanaris.

A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains[edit | edit source]

The crops of G.A.G. (the Group of Advanced Gardeners) are failing, and Martin the Master Gardener sends the player to find out why. One of five farmers tells the player that the fairies are responsible. The player investigates and find out that the fairy queen in Zanaris is sick from a fight with a Tanglefoot. While the queen is sick, crops will not grow correctly.

The Fairy Godfather is running the city in the queen's absence and enlists the player to search for a cure. The player talks to many NPCs in a search for a cure, finally discovering that the Tanglefoot must be killed with a pair of Magic secateurs, to recover the queen's secateurs which can be used to make the cure. The quest ends with the player giving the secateurs to the godfather. Orks appear throughout Zanaris afterwards.

A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen[edit | edit source]

The player discovers from Martin the Master Gardener that the crops are still not growing correctly. The player returns to Zanaris and discovers the fairy godfather did not use the queen's secateurs to cure the queen. Instead, he and his forces, including his ork allies, took over Zanaris. The queen and several fairies escaped and went into hiding.

The player learns how to find the queen's hideout, and this discovery unlocks full access to the fairy ring teleport system. The player helps the fairies, recovers the secateurs by pickpocketing the godfather, and assists the fairies in curing the queen with a Magic essence potions made from ingredients from around the cosmos. The quest ends with the godfather and the orks still in control of the city, with the queen in hiding but planning how to regain control of the city of Zanaris.

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Rewards for series[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]
  • 3,500 Farming experience
  • 3,500 Herblore experience
  • 2,500 Thieving experience
  • 2,000 Attack experience
  • 1,000 Magic experience
  • 2,500 experience in a skill of your choice (level 30 or above)
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6 music tracks unlocked: